Gamer's Corner: Skyrim's Missing PS3 Footage

Gamer's Corner writes; "Surely, Skyrim PS3 will be just as good as the Xbox version? On the positive side, Oblivion was as good, if not slightly better than the 360 version. This time around though, Skyrim has a new graphics engine - an unknown quantity, therefore increasing the need for Bethesda to set PS3 owner's minds at ease. Has Bethesda gone the extra mile to optimise the engine for the tricky PS3 Cell/split memory architecture?"

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BankaiSage2735d ago

why would you even care whether the footage is from ps3 or 360, its pretty much exactly the same. only a fanboy would point out the most miniscule, microscopic, atomic imperfection and make a huge commotion about it.

terrordactyl2735d ago

It matters because the PS3 has a history of *some* poorly performing multiplatform games. PS3 gamers might want to see the PS3 version in action as New Vegas which ran on a Bethesda engine performed poorly. This has nothing whatsoever to do with being a fanboy, it's simply about seeing a product before investing in it.

As for it being exactly the same, I'm sure the pc crowd would disagree with that.

TheDareDevil2735d ago

The 360 version looks good and that's all I care about.
A few engines run better on the 360 than the PS3 (Unreal Engine 3, CryEngine 3)

Nes_Daze2735d ago

Not in my opinion, some multiplatform games have looked better on the PS3, it's not 2006 or 2007 anymore.

WhiteLightning2735d ago

@TheDareDevil: Really...CryEngine 3

Crysis 2 seemed alright to me, the lighting seemed better on the PS3 version, well that's my opinion anyway.

asyouburn2735d ago

The differences between ps3 ver. And 360 ver. Are sure to be minuscule. If you were interested the the "best" multiplat ver., you'd surely be buying it for PC, no?

OmegaSlayer2735d ago

Lately devs have learnt how to handle games and make them 1:1 on both platforms.
Nowadays if a dev can't output a game that overall is on pair on both platforms, he just sucks.

TheDareDevil2735d ago

You know when you jump off a certain height in Crysis 2 and that red circle appears?
On the PC, it's a perfect Circle.
On the X360, it's a slightly elongated circle.
On the PS3, it kinda becomes like an oval.

Of course, all these small differences do not really matter, but I'm just saying.

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Breostag2735d ago

God i hope the PC version will kick ass

Parapraxis2735d ago

I would imagine it will be full on.

Winkle922735d ago

God I hope all versions kick ass.

Ares842735d ago

PC version will be the best, no doubt but I'm not afraid from the console versions looking ugly. I know it will look pretty good on the 360 and PS3 as well. I'm getting it on PS3 anyways.