Wii U Hands-On Preview - Part 1: The Controller (Dealspwn)

Dealspwn: '...I expected the thing to be an utter ergonomic nightmare. I mean, look at it. But the Wii U pad actually nestles into the hands perfectly. It’s unbelievably comfortable and far lighter than I expected. These were units that were fully wired, of course, so no doubt there’ll be extra weight to come with the wireless components and battery packs, but even so it’s a snug piece of kit. The triggers feel fantastic, the circle pads within easy reach. However, when combined with the face buttons and D-pad, the buttons do seem to be a bit more spaced out than usual, not too much, but perhaps enough to be a little concerned about long periods of play for those with smaller hands. Only the bumpers I found to be a bit awkward and uncomfortable, though; again, a little further away than I’m used to on my Sony and Microsoft equivalents...'

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