Nintendo president: Wii U Won’t Be a ‘Hard Sell’

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime says the company’s Wii U video game console won’t be a “difficult sell’ to consumers when it debuts in 2012.

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THC CELL2665d ago

will if ps4 comes at same time and xbox

colonel1792665d ago

PS4 and 360 won't come out in 2012 at all. They should have announced them already, at least hinted them. Maybe MS could announce it at E3 2012 and release it during Christmas, but I don't think it will happen since they have Kinect.

At the earliest, they could be announced at E3 2012/E3 2013 to release them during Fall 2013. IMO, They will be released until 2014, but who knows?

downwardspiral2665d ago

if it has a shitty console debut lineup like the 3ds, then its gonna have a hard time.

badz1492665d ago

that's a bit arrogant, don't you think?

baxy-z2665d ago

it will if the games are lacking

dan-goes-forth2665d ago

i think ps4 2014 xbox whatever in 2013

theredsquire2665d ago

I'm sure the Wii U will sell a lot, but if or not it'll be any good is a different question.

femshep2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

i dunno no complaints from everyone who played it at e3

it prolly won't be since nintendo goes for cheap costs......and nobody seems to complain when they had to pay $600 for a ps3 at launch and no one seems to have a problem paying console price for the new hand held systems

zero_gamer2665d ago

That is entirely subjective. If by "good" means a console with boatloads of gray cookie cutter FPS games available for it then I agree, the Wii is one terrible console.

sikbeta2665d ago

That is entirely subjective. If by "good" means a console with boatloads of shovelware crap games available for it like the the wii, the Wii-U will be one terrible console...

zero_gamer2665d ago


Awesome, another hypocritical SONY fanboy comment. Hey, remember the PS2? That was the shovelware console of last generation. The reason why the Wii is getting all the shovelware is because the console is winning. Did you not realize how much garbage was available for the PS2? Now you're accusing the Wii as the only violator for shovelware? Wow, really? You're just jealous because your favorite company is getting its ass kicked by Nintendo. No wonder SONY released the PS Move.

sikbeta2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

YAY! GO WII! we're winning, I must go sell some stocks now... oh, guess I don't have any, back to play this

enjoy it XD

AWBrawler2665d ago

right. Sikbeta, so if I'm playing that, I guess you're playing this:

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