Fable: The Journey Not Fable IV: Is it a Kinect-astrophy?

With all the hype Microsoft was pushing on Kinect at E3 this year, one of the more interesting projects GameGuideDog had a chance to get reviewed was Fable: The Journey. IF you notice there is no # in the title, and that's for good reason. Ultimately it seems the developers are using a hybrid engine built to embed a Kinect experience for Fable but without tainting the franchise's good name. Innovative yes, practical, probably not...

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The Meerkat2682d ago

I prefer the term Kinect-aclysm

m232681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

Peter Molyneux already stated that Fable: The Journey is not on rails. He said the demo was on rails because it was too problematic to show free roaming gameplay live. It was on g4tv by the way.

mastiffchild2681d ago

And, though I love his enthusiasm(though ?didn't see much from him for this game tbh), I'm guessing Peter's idea about what is and isn't on rails and free roaming may not be exactly the same as what we might expect.

If it's a series of encounters linked by the somewhat hokey horse and cart mechanic then I'm not so keen or so hopeful and couldn't being honest(in his shoes) call it anything OTHER than kind of on rails-juts on rails with a bit of a work around is all.

I'm PRAYING for a Fable game to be as good as the first one again but doubt this is the game Kinect or no Kinect. Trust me-I'd be equally as happy, and maybe moreso, were this kinet only title to be the one that amazes non Kinect believers and Fable fans alike(hell even gamers in general with hate for motion or PM)-but I just feel like we've been here before with Pete and I d;t even see the same excitement on his wrinkly face this tie out and hope he's just a bit tired! Otherwise a Lionhead game that even Peter can' get hyped for is a TERRIBLE Lionhead game considering how wet/hared he managed to get over the things that never appeared in the last two games!

ismejks2682d ago

no matter what any new fable is good

FlashXIII2682d ago

"Kinect-astrophy" that word needs to catch on as it best sums up Microsoft the last seven days.

Semir2682d ago

Fable 2 was a disappointment. I don't think Fable: The Journey will be any better.

wollie2682d ago

So was fable III. I was so excited that it was coming to PC then I played it and was like... what is this crap?

tweet752682d ago

it looks like fable on rails, doesnt look promising

gameguidedog2682d ago

Rest assured it is not a 'rails' game, we were informed this first hand from Gary Carr that it will be free roaming on a 300 mile map, no tracks at all. Only if you get stuck on a thin winding pathway with a horse and cart you are kind of stuck at the moment lest you wish to die is all.

m232681d ago

Yep, Molyneux also stated its not on rails during an interview with g4tv.