$399 40GB PS3's Stolen From Freight Company

The 40 GB PlayStation 3 consoles are expected to be one of the hottest items on the market for the holidays.

That may have a different meaning after a break in this week at a Broussard freight company.

Broussard Police Chief Brannon Decou says more than 50 of the consoles were stolen from the SAJA freight facility on Highway 90.

Detectives say it appears to be an inside job. Three people have been arrested.

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ATLRoAcH4494d ago

They could have sold them at $200 a piece and made a killing.

ruibing4493d ago

I see preorders for these on eBay at pretty much the retail cost after shipping.

Blasphemy4494d ago

At least they got caught.Oh and $200 a piece? They can sale them on ebay and get way more then that for them.

ReBurn4494d ago

I wonder what would happen when some unsuspecting person buys one as new and tries to register it?

felman874494d ago

Does this count as units sold?

drsfinest724494d ago

lolz. its a sign that the 40gb would sell soo freakinng great this holidays. look they stealing it already

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