Paradise Island is Better Than CityVille

FleshEatingZipper says: "I used to be a CityVille player…I’ll admit it. I was never a fan of Zynga games, or Facebook games in general but the other staff members here at FleshEatingZipper conned me in to playing it and, for a time, I fell in love. After a while, though, the sheen wore off and I couldn’t be bothered to log in any more. Still yearning for my sim fix, from time to time, I went searching and found Paradise Island on the marketplace."

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Son_Lee3318d ago

I'm probably as hardcore a gamer as they come, but you'd be foolish to admit that these aren't legit games just like anything else. And if you play these games, you are a legit gamer.

Perfect example:

My girlfriend is a semi-hardcore gamer, at least she used to be. Now she's pretty much exclusive to facebook games, and the occasional dabble in console games.

If anything, these are certainly a good gateway into the world of gaming.