IGN: Stranglehold Review 8.1

Stranglehold is John Woo's first foray into videogames. Whether Woo was intimately involved in guiding Stranglehold or more of a watchful father, his influence can be felt in every frame. Midway has managed to capture the essence of a Woo film -- in some ways more than Woo has over the past decade. You get everything a fan could ask for: excessive gunplay, heavily stylized cinematic moments, melodrama, slow-motion dives, dual-fisted pistols, and, of course, doves aplenty. Some have called Woo's films a beautiful ballet of violence. Stranglehold is less ballet and more a mosh pit of bullets. Either way, lots of people die and little in the environment is left standing once the smoke clears.

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Clinton5144871d ago

After playing the demo on both consoles. I had it in mind to buy the movie bundle. Seems ok but I'm not so sure with the November rush right around the corner.

SharpeNoir4871d ago

Theres way to much going on in November for me to get this one.

kevoncox4871d ago

Oh wait it's the ps3 version...

RadientFlux4871d ago

Stranglehold isn't a bad game but wasn't great either.

My main issue was there was too much shooting and not enough exploring / walking around. Some of the chapters had a nice balance of shooting and exploring while others just involved the entering a room and shooting as fast as you can and repeat.

RudeSole Devil4871d ago

Failed to mention if there where any differences between the two??

BloodySinner4871d ago

Does it matter? The game sucks.

Premonition4871d ago

It was pretty much a copy and paste review.

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The story is too old to be commented.