PSP Fanboy interview: Aliens Versus Predator

The upcoming PSP-exclusive Aliens Versus Predator game is based on the upcoming movie, Requiem. PSP Fanboy had a chance to chat with Rebellion's Tim Jones, Head of Design, on why they keep on developing for Sony's handheld and what fans of the original PC classics can look forward to in this surprising "sequel," of sorts.

Psp fanboy: "The question on everyone's mind is: why make it a PSP exclusive?"

Tim: "It was ultimately a question of logistics. The opportunity came up to do a tie-in game for the movie which had a fixed release date of Christmas 2007 and it really wasn't possible to develop a game for another platform in the time available -- especially since the game has to be complete and ready to hit the shelves well in advance of the movie release"...

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