Steam Mid-Week Madness Sale : Aliens vs. Predator 75% off

This weeks Midweek Madness sale on steam is Aliens vs. Predator normally 19.99$ is now 4.99$ thats 75% 0ff! C ‘mon who doesn’t want to run around as predator, HE has lasers!, Even the Aliens are cool running on walls and ceilings upside down. Oh yeah aren’t there Marines too… one wants to really place as marines, if you do just go play some random ass FPS. The DLC the game is also on sale making it 1.87$ making it the most random number in the world for DLC. Below are the links to both the game and the DLC

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kyl2773819d ago

It's worth $5 but nothing more.

BeastlyRig3818d ago

actually the marine single play is kinda fun! really is scary!

kyl2773818d ago

it is NOT scary, you have a pulse rifle

iamgoatman3818d ago

It's not the best game in the world, but it's still pretty damn fun to play, just for the gore more than anything. Definitely worth $5.

news4geeks3818d ago

I wouldn't download this game for free. You'd have to pay me to accept it into my steam library.

ThanatosDMC3818d ago

Wish they had more survival mode maps. Wish it was more like a point A to B thing instead of die when the Preatorian Aliens come.

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