Games Thirst Review: Infamous 2

Gamesthirst: Infamous is still one of my most favorite games this generation. It offers me the chance to play as a superhero in a fully open world. The story was pretty good, but the graphics could use some touching up, but other than that, the game is great. This is why I have been so excited for the release of Infamous 2. It has a great foundation to work with, and can truly be one of the best games out there. But, did it live up to these lofty expectations?

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Schism204259d ago

A very deserving score. I dont think theres a sandbox game out there that looks as good as infamous 2. Sucker Punch did a fantastic job and I haven't seen any pop in yet which is surprising.

movements4259d ago

Very VERY good game. And well deserving score.

worm20104259d ago

my ps3 ylod last week getting a new one tuesday can't wait to play this bad boy!!!