IGN: Exit review - You won't want to escape this intriguing XBLA title

Mr. ESC steps onto the scene of a metropolitan disaster dressed in black, with fedora screwed on tight, red scarf flapping in the wind. Only he can save the citizens trapped in various buildings around the city. Fire, water, and electrical shorts won't stop him from finding the whining victims trapped in each building and then leading them to the exit. This task is rarely easy and will require you to use your noggin in ways unusual for an Xbox Live Arcade title. Released on PSP well over a year ago, Taito's Exit makes its way to Xbox Live Arcade. The perfect type of game to port, Exit is an inventive title with a slick style and brain-scratching puzzles. Many will find the unique set-up refreshing, but it's a few old-school game mechanics that keep Exit from reaching the upper echelon of XBLA titles.

Overall score: 7.6/10

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Clinton5144872d ago

It was kinda ok, but I wouldn't purchase it for either platform. Decent score though, that is if I cared much about scores. :P

akaFullMetal4871d ago

i had for psp was pretty fun, i didnt even know this was coming to 360? weird

Skerj4871d ago

Did they shut the people the EFF up!? God I LOVED the PSP versions but "I'm cold" "I'm scared" "Why Me!?" "How did I get into this" and whatever the hell nonsense the victims shouted EVERY 5 seconds irritated me to no end. I wanted them to burn or drown or collapse or whatever I was trying to stop them from doing so I could escape the building by myself while they thought about what they did to annoy me so. Hey maybe if you shut the hell up once in awhile, you'll notice the building is on fire.