Xbox 360, saving lives

Well, not quite... But a team from Rutgers State University of New Jersey has designed a "virtual rehabilitation system" based on the Xbox 360 hardware. Apparently, virtual reality can help speed up rehab combined with traditonal techniques. For more on this story, click read more.

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specialguest5874d ago

hahahah this is too funny! after the article about PS3 curing cancer and PS3 spare power can be used for medical research, and now the Xbox 360 wants in too? lol, what a coincidence.

signal3605874d ago

We dont make the news. We just report it. (:

Sexius Maximus5874d ago

I've got the spare power on my Xbox360 programmed to wipe my a$$ when I need it. That machine really can do just about anything. When I get a PS3, I'll program it to turn it into a money tree, or maybe a second wife used strickly for sex and cleaning. I'll be set for life with those two systems :)

drewdrakes5874d ago

LOL this is retarded, of course these machines can do anything if you program them to do it, but what does this have to do with games? Im not going to buy a 360 or PS3 for medical research.

TheMART5874d ago

There is a new function for the 360


yep you read it right,


The PSZero this Christmas!

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