Manhunt 2 Screens Wii

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wangdiddy825571d ago

Why would they bring this game to the wii out of all the consoles? Its on the ps2 so why wouldnt they bring it to the ps3. I guess its easier to port the ps2 version of the game to the wii because the graphics are almost the same as the ps2.. But the Wii??????? lol this might kill the wii's kiddy look

Prismo_Fillusion5571d ago

I'm sorry, these graphics just look godawful.
There's no way I'm wasting money on this for my Wii. There are too many better games out there, or coming out soon.

KidMakeshift5571d ago

I still want to try it out, but the new "censoring" blur/color invert effect gives me a headache. Plus, the premise for the new game just sounds like a excuse for gratuitous, and glorified violence. The first one was no different but at least it had a unique 70's grindhouse quality about it. Plus, the interactive entertainment industry, as well as, the movie industry really need to embrace the AO rating. What's the point of having the rating if you refuse to publish and distribute something with that rating? The rating is only a omen because the simple lack of. I'm so tired of the McCarthyism like politics attacking and restricting game developers the opportunity of actually making video games rise above mediocrity and reach out of moral specific confinements.