PSP : GPS and camera pricing announced!

The GPS and camera accessories for PSP have their details being spelled out on site

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specialguest5875d ago (Edited 5875d ago )

Ha! very funny. the real facts are that the PSP is doing better in sales than any console present. it's sales are not as amazing as the DS, but check this out:

PSP sales 7/24/2006

20.02 million units (Japan: 5.20 million/ USA: 8.17 million/ Europe: 6.65 million)

Sales of Nintendo DS and DS Lite (as of June 30, 2006):

worldwide: 21.27 million
Japan: 9.24 million
The Americas: 5.90 million
Other: 6.13 million


dikturbo5875d ago

I'm just not digging the UMD format. Make it a flash cartridge or SD or something. Reduce the number of moving parts and the costs go down and reliablility goes up.

Just not quite right, yet.

Trickedbullet5875d ago

THe psp is far superior to the DS. I myself severly dislike sony, but found I needed a multipurpose device, so I bought a psp. IT has served me well so far. My only complaints are the massive price tag, painful thumbstick position, and the fact that memory stick, memory stick duo, ms duo pro, are not widely used in most other digital devices. But the psp certainly is cheaper than buying an mp3 player, portable dvd player, portable gaming device, networking devices, portable web browser, gps, and camera. Whew! (the only boo i found was that you have to burn DVDs and NOT split them like most dvd burning software does, you have to make it only 1 file. BOO!!!)

P.S. This is the only device from sony that I will ever buy! I bought it only because Microsoft, the king of all koolness, hasnt made a portable gaming system yet.

TheMART5874d ago

Actually he is just right. The PSP is the only great product of Sony. Oh yeah the PS1 was good also. But with the PS2 they went hill downwards.

The PSP looks cool though. But the content probably is the problem the DS sells better