Japanese Sales Data: Nintendo DS rules the roost

The latest figures from Media Create show that the Nintendo DS is still topping the hardware sales in Japan. shock or not?

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IdontTakeSides4872d ago (Edited 4872d ago )

umm this so old.!!!


Sorry for the double post..!!

SmokeyMcBear4872d ago

well it has todays date.. but i guess its reporting numbers from a week ago, when does media create nubmers release? Could be just deja vu sinces in the same numbers again and again. But yeah, same old story, ps3 now has almost triple the numbers of the 360, too funny.

ruibing4871d ago

Can't wait for the PS3 to tie with the Wii soon.

Leeloo4871d ago

These were the Japanese hardware sales figures for the week ending the 21st of October. These figures are released by Media Create and are posted every Friday morning. So, in other words, this news is not so old!