If Wii U 'Will not be Cheap' Disclosure is Key


Nintendo's Satoru Iwata has been quoted recently regarding the upcoming Wii U console, saying: 'This is not going to be cheap.'

While it is obvious that the Wii U isn't the proverbial '2 wii's duct taped together', there are a few things that Nintendo needs to disclose before the console is released if they expect the majority of gamers to trust them.

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LoaMcLoa3654d ago

Dead or Alive confirmed for Wii U!?!?

No, but really, this is Nintendo. They know what they're doing.

erasure2423655d ago

The media is playing way to much into what Iwata said. Nintendo is not dumb... They always make tons of $$$ off of their systems... IMO a $250-300 release price...

rdgneoz33655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

But how much will each controller cost? The system might be like 250 to 300, but each controller has a ton of tech in it. 6 inch (I think) touch pad screen, gyroscopes, camera, mic, and a lot more. Its almost like a portable gaming system so I wouldn't be surprised if each controller half the price of one. If people find buying additional controllers a pain right now cost wise, 100+ for 1 will be a b!tch.

N4g_null3655d ago

You will only buy wii controllers, classic or motion plus. The wiiu controller is basically part of the system interface so you don't have to have the system visible. Best console design ever unvisable. Lol.

Who knows maybe they have other tricks waiting in the wings.

Wiimotion plus and maybe a new classic controller like the wiiu with out the screen or bulkiness needs to be made also offering different grips would be hardcore also.

N4g_null3655d ago

Not sure why having another controller is why big deal? What game needs two of them?

If there is such a game that needs two wiiu controller I think it will be mostly an online game. Not sure why you would need two any ideas guys?

In most team based games there is only one commander. I think that makes a lot of sense. Any normal local multiplayer can use classic controllers which you should already have.

If a developer is very ambitious then and just needs you to have two screened touch screened controllers then they can pull a vita like Sony with the 3ds. It is not possible that nintendo could make an extension wiiu touch controller later is it? Sure they could if developers want it.

Not sure why gamers want it since there isn't a game that needs it.

Maybe it people trying to find problems with it. Some thing says that ms and Sony are scared. The push back is even worst this time around. This is a good thing though. You will see by next spring.

rdgneoz33655d ago

So, you're saying there are no games out there that are 2 or more player split screen, that you use dual analog sticks, dual triggers/bumpers, 4 buttons for? You know, the set up Nintendo is doing with the WiiU controllers... I know I've been playing a few split screen games recently that use those, and a few big games coming later this year use them as well.

Also, you say if you need two touch screen controllers, you can use a 3DS. If you don't have one you still have to pay for another WiiU controller or spend the $250 for a 3DS to do that.

N4g_null3654d ago

Im saying there are not games that need two wiiu pads. Also do you not have a classic controller?

You know that is an option and most local multiplayer games will use that. I dont know any PS3 or xbox games that need a wiiu type controller do you? The main way developers will use it as a control method for a commander or some share use where it is only used by certain players like say jumping into a vehicle then you pick it up. Just like how you would have to put down you gun to actually drive.

SO as a recap you can use a pro pad or the wii mote controller you already own.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan3655d ago

They can't sell it for over 350$, and even this is to costly for what they're offering.

They'll match what we have in the current gen and won't have an hard-disk, so we're talking about 360 arcade package price for the wii u console, so 200$.

That leaves 150$ for a controller which I think is far from enough. Yes, it's advanced tech, but with a vita at 250$ that does way much, you can't manage to push a 150+$ controller.

N4g_null3655d ago


Well it's not going to cost more than the ps3 launch price and it's more powerful. Epic will get some thing running on it. The reason why they have ndas on the tech because one they don't want direct copies of their tech. Nintendo doesn't do wasteful power they do effiencent. two most of the gamers out there have no idea what makes a powerful gpu any more because it's about computing shaders and shaders period. All next gen consoles will use IBM chips again and pc gpus. No one can afford the real leap in console gaming right now.

After countless ports the ps3 only barely beats out the 360 which came out a year ahead. Yet it mostly has bad ports. Sure the exclusives are great but they are not doing any thing the 360 can not do.

Put simply gaming is more about the games than the tech now. You can claim the others will be better but there is a reason why they did not claim to have new hardware they can not currently afford a leap bigger than the wiiu we all know this and nintendo is at the sweet spot.

The price will be around $300-$400. The extra controller should be about $110 given it's just a reciever for data mostly. You only need one since they are looking at 3ds 4 swords capability.

Any local based game play will have extra functions on the wiiu controller. Yet the local game play will be in the form of wii games

ChickenOfTheCaveMan3654d ago

Extra controller, won't happen, Wii U is a single game console only for games using that tablet controller.

KILLERAPP3655d ago

By the time this comes out the PS3 and 360 will be 200 dollars, is going to be hard for Nintendo to compete with 5th generation cycle games coming to the PS3 and 360 that will probably look better that what Nintendo has to offer...

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