Witcher 2: Xbox 360 vs PC Screenshot Comparison

GB: "Check out this screenshot comparison between the PC and the Xbox 360 version of Witcher 2.
The images above are from the Xbox 360 version and the ones below are from the PC version. Please use the back-next buttons to navigate through the screens. Apologies for our ancient gallery system the new one will be better."

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rabidpancakeburglar4487d ago

I don't really care too much how it compares against the pc version in looks, I just want it to run well.

DualConsoleOwner4487d ago

But who cares. at least console owners gets to play this game as well.

starchild4487d ago

Definitely. It will still be the same game.

The PC version unsurprisingly looks better. It has higher resolution textures, more advanced lighting, better post processing effects and, of course, can run at much higher resolutions, framerates, and anti-aliasing levels.

Nevertheless, the game looks great on the 360 and will still offer the same basic gameplay experience.

captain-obvious4487d ago (Edited 4487d ago )

PC looks better ofcourse
but not too bad for the 360 TBH

looks really good

RankFTW4487d ago

Yeah the 360 has done really well with this game. I've got it on PC so won't be picking it up but glad alot more people will get a chance to play it.

likedamaster4487d ago

The game scales well, from the screenshots I think they did a great job on the port. Congrats, they look very similar.

awi59514487d ago

Oh man fox news is just waiting to make a big fake deal out of this. I hope the supreme court game law ruling comes before this comes out so everyone can tell fox news to suck it.

ATiElite4487d ago (Edited 4487d ago )

I think CD Projeckt Red did a fine job on the 360 version. Would I be wrong to say maybe now a 360 game can challenge Uncharted 2 and 3 for the graphics crown. That's still up for debate as I still need to see real-time rendering.

Anyway Consolers are getting one hell of a game as the European Developers continue to pump out all the best games.

Wish this game was DX11 but it's still gorgeous even on a low end PC.

trollpolice4487d ago

awwww not available on PS3 boo hoo...

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gillri4487d ago (Edited 4487d ago )

impressed, very good for 6 year old hardware

considering the difference in specs I expected the PC version to look alot better, or the 360 version to look alot worse

xPhearR3dx4487d ago

Agreed, especially in this picture.

The texture work looks better on PC, but the draw distance looks a little better on 360. Overall though they look damn close.

kevnb4487d ago (Edited 4487d ago )

depth of field is on for the pc screenshot.

OpenGL4487d ago

The draw distance isn't better, the PC version is using a high quality depth of field effect.

Kamikaze1354487d ago

That depth of field effect can be disabled on the PC..nice try, lol.

Fishy Fingers4487d ago (Edited 4487d ago )

It would if seen running side by side, just the resolution difference on its own(not shown in comparisons) would make a big difference to image clarity.

They'll get the most out of the hardware that they can though, expect it'll be one of the best looking 360 games this year, impressive when you consider the scope.

ct034487d ago

Yes, they always do these tests at 720p. Scale the 360 version up to 1080p like every 1080p display does and compare against native 1080p.

Chucky20034487d ago

its nothing impressive,the thing is they created a great engine that even on a lower setting the game looks great

Breadisgood4487d ago

And that's not impressive?

no_more_trolling4487d ago

he just cant admit something can look good on the 360

he would prefer to eat shit first lol

BeastlyRig4487d ago

It will look at least good on 360.

Organization XII4487d ago

And actually the PC screenshots doesn't look as near as good on my PC. I'm not sure if the screens were taken with the ultra spec, plus the 1080p resolution really makes the difference!

caboose324487d ago

Yea I agree, it looked a bit better when I was playing it on my computer.

Darkfocus4487d ago

they have no SSAO onin these screenshots plus there low res and they have the textures on high not ultra for the PC version...

kuroukage4484d ago

They'll never take proper pictures when comparing it to PC. They don't want to shame console.

Fishy Fingers4487d ago (Edited 4487d ago )

Doesnt stack up 'too' badly here, although of course the PC screens are being gimped by resolution.

Whatever the result, your still going to end up with a gorgeous 360 game (when compared to other console titles) thats one of the best RPG this year.

MinusTheBear4487d ago

That and it seems like they're running the PC on low settings.

drosera14487d ago

What's more important is that these aren't Xbox 360 screens and this site is lying. Some of the scenes are from near the middle of the game, i highly doubt they played that far on the console. These are clearly a comparison between PC low settings and PC medium settings, how can nobody see this?