Cannot import trophy data into Infamous 2 unless you have Infamous game data

Infamous developer Sucker Punch has implemented a feature where players who have unlocked certain trophies in Infamous can get a head start in Infamous 2.

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Petro893662d ago

Does anyone know if the PSN version of inFamous stores data in the 'Game Data Utility' folder, like the disc version?


itani3662d ago

I'm downloading it now, I will let you know mate.

gaffyh3662d ago

Works perfectly fine for me. There is a patch out for the game btw, maybe you need to download that.

itani3662d ago

It works with the downloadable Infamous 1 ;).

e1ace3662d ago

Mine didn't. Was there ever a patch or anything for inFamous 1?

I have my game saves but inFamous doesn't see them... really sucks.

himdeel3662d ago

The downloadable game doesn't read the disc save data :(

I was going to play through my old saved data with the downloadable version and it made me start from the beginning of the game. When I pop my disc in it reads the save data.

Hopefully they'll have the time to fix this now with a patch.

reznik_zerosum3662d ago

why people care about trophy things,i really dont understand ?

BrianG3662d ago

Why people care to smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, steal, lie excessively, I really don't understand.

What I do understand is that everyone is different, people enjoy different things. If it's not for you, it's for someone else.

Jonah_Reese3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Dude Trophies are fun and cool, I didn't care about them either but it's so satisfying to get one.

pxpxp3662d ago

Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow?

Solidus187-SCMilk3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

the infamous save data is stored under my "saved data utility (PS3)" folder.

my "game data utility" folder only has game updates and game installs in it, none from infamous since I have the DL version. All my game saves are under the "saved data utility(PS3)" folder.

The actual game is saved in its own folder at the bottom like demos are.

hope that helps you.

gamingisnotacrime3662d ago

now i got it on digital and the saved data was intact.

Jaces3662d ago

This really sucks, I had my Fat PS3 die on me without being able to recover any of the data on my HDD. I had to reformat it to install it in my Slim PS3 so I lost every game data file that wasn't saved on Cloud....inFamous was one of them.

Ugh, not fair. Please Sucker Punch, come up with a patch soon! I have Platinum I swear!

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iamnsuperman3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

All you get is you start off being either a little bit more good or a little bit more evil depending on your save data. Nothing really that big. And some other which I can't remember but I remember thinking they were nothing special

TLG19913662d ago

it has nothing to do with save data its your trophies.

i wonder what karma it gives if you have all the trophies i guess ill find out later when i put it on.

BeaArthur3662d ago

Agreed, I noticed that it didn't work for me but I didn't really care, it just gives you a slight boost at the beginning of the game.

WildArmed3662d ago

Aye, it's like that Uncharted 2 implementation.
You start off w/ a few extra grands.

It's a nice addition, but it won't matter as you play on.

-EvoAnubis-3662d ago

It's more that that. Some of the sidequests will also be based on choice that you made in inFamous 1, and some of the dead drops will also mention specific things you did.

BeaArthur3662d ago

-EvoAnubis-...I hadn't heard that. Where's your source on that one?

gamestorecowgirl3662d ago

Check articles on infamous 2. Anubis is right. I know for sure joystiq said something about dialogue changing.

BeaArthur3662d ago

Eh, either way it's not like Mass Effect so I'm sure I'll get by. Will probably keep my save data this time though.

-EvoAnubis-3662d ago

My source on that is having beat the game twice and being on my third playthough right now.

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Murgatroyd73662d ago

I'm both curious and put-off by this.

koehler833662d ago

I don't think it has anything to do with trophy data. It simply imports previous save data. So of course you need the previous save data in order to import it.

Whenever I started the game it showed me my list of available files to import and the bonuses I would unlock with each.

sourav933662d ago

This article is referring to the "Game" data, not save data. So, according to this article, if you deleted your inFamous install from you PS3's HDD, then apparently you won't be able to access the bonuses related to unlocked inFamous trophies, not previous save data. But yes, having the save data will also unlock bonuses for you.

HeavenlySnipes3662d ago

its only trophy data. If you have full infamous karma in InFamous you can get 1 full bad karma level for InFamous 2 from the get go and vice versa with good karma.

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