Nomura and Kojima Talk PS3

New analogies from the Final Fantasy and Metal Gear guys. Plus, a ZOE3 team-up?

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HaHa5880d ago

for i have never been more excited about a FF game before as i am with this one!!

CAPS LOCK5880d ago

hey these 2 games are the main reason i am buying a ps3 for...and have u noticed these past weeks, more and more developers have been praising the ps3.

when the 360 first came out alot of devs prasied it, but not as much devs as these.

THE TRUTH5880d ago

The good news just keeps on coming. FF13 will be huge and I'm talking worldwide!! I keep telling people that PS3 is exactly what the developers wanted it give them almost limitless possibilities to produce games that were previously were not possible!! TGS is less than a month away!!

BIadestarX5880d ago

If I buy a PS3 it will be because of these 2 games. I'm a fan of the FF Series. MGS I'm a 80% fan. Since they are not launch title I will wait, unless something better than this comes out.

DJ5880d ago

I like how these guys can just sit back and have fun. I can totally imagine Zone of the Enders being made by Square and Kojima; it'd probably kick even more ass. And WHY isn't Cloud in Smash Bros. yet?! Meh, maybe nintendo will change their minds. I can't wait to use Snake for that game. Cardboard boxes rule.

In the new PSM they have a full article on FFXIII with new in-game screens. It's ridiculously beautiful. It's like looking at a colorful version of Advent Children. And the crazy part is that the girl we've been seeing isn't even the main character.

GamerMan5880d ago

"...And the crazy part is that the girl we've been seeing isn't even the main character."

Now that is news... I thought they were going to go a whole Heavenly Sword kick arse mode with it. I have noticed each time though its only her that is doing all fighting .... I was wondering if there were going to be more party members. I didn't even think she wouldn't be the main Character with as much hype as she was getting.

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