Eurogamer Review Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror

As a conversion of an acclaimed handheld game, Dark Mirror is a touch sloppy. It doesn't feel like much effort has been made to optimise the game for the PS2, either in looks or gameplay, and the omission of online play and crispy-fried taser fun will only annoy fans expecting a full conversion.

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patriotZero4873d ago

6? it's bullshit.This game always great wthout omega strain..

lynx1halo4873d ago

My favorite was part one...because you could shoot the taser all the way across the screen and even hit guyS on the rooftops of high buildings ...and once you got a guy with it you could hold it for like 30 min if you wanted to and he would go from shocked to convulsions to on fire LOL...OH THE TASER..WHERE ARE U NOW???

predator4873d ago

i remmember the first one, that was a great game

goodganja4873d ago

Wait until Syphon Filter is developed for PS3. Sony Bend has another AAA game that they havent even touched yet.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D