Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights Review: PS3 vs. Xbox 360 (GameSpy)

GameSpy reviews the PS3 version of Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights and compared it to the Xbox 360 version.

Pros: Controls tighter than on 360; spooking the competition is fun; online version of the solo game is a kick.

Cons: Graphics are less impressive than on 360; driver DNA concept doesn't quite work.

Multiplayer: Good

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars


The Xbox 360 version got the same review score from GameSpy. See Alternative Sources.

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Zhuk4867d ago

"if you looked at both games side-by-side, you'd agree that the 360 game was far prettier."

Yet another game that outperforms on the Xbox 360 compared to the inferior PS3 port. Only Xbox 360 gives developers and consumers a gaming platform that provides the highest quality third party titles, unlike the PS3 with its horrible architecture which inhibits developers abilities to create good games.

Neurotoxin4867d ago

Do you actually type anything, or is it all copy and pasted?

That Whole sentence you wrote at the end i see all the time in comments on N4G.

Don`t matter how pretty the game is, its still rubbish!

Hapimeses4867d ago

Please, read the full review before making such broad claims. The reviewer was clear that there were both advantages and disadvantages of the PS3 version in comparison to the Xbox 360 version. You've chosen to only focus upon the qualities where Xbox shines for this game, which is biased, unfair, and contrary to the flavour of the review you are commenting on. If the review had indeed been as biased as you suggest, then fair enough, but is wasn't.

Fortunately, I'm not keen on this game for any system, so it makes no difference to me at all.


nanometric4867d ago

Zhuk- protegue of TheMart!

AllroundGamer4867d ago

come on people, remove all Zhuks bubbles!

nevelo074867d ago

if its built ground up on the xbox360 it has a chance to be better on xbox360 due to ps3s DIFFERENT ARCHITECTURE, its not because it inferior dude.GO PLAY SAMO3

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mighty_douche4867d ago

another game that no ones gonna buy yet they'll still spam comments about how much better it is on ____ console...

picker3324867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

Always pick on the ps3.Give it a rest already pls!
But we all have something in comment,this game truly suck big time!
And for you Zhuk i begin to think that you are jealous of os sonyboy's who have the money to buy it.

gnothe14867d ago

thats not true, PS3 FTW, sony is god, the 360 is RROD king, the Ps3 is twice as powerful as the 360 just wait, plus this is just devs being lazy , PS3 forever
P L A Y B E Y O N D!!

now that we've got that out the way, the xbox crowd knows the truth but its the sony camp that refuses to accept the truth. what they fail to understand is that MS CUSTOM BUILT this system with the fed back of developers an sony had the cell custom built for the PS3 but it didnt work as well as they hoped so they turned to Nvidia for an off the shelf graphics card that cant out perform the one in the 360, an games will always look better.

fredy4867d ago

accept the early Defeat the 360 has put on the multiplat games.

it's right know that blind lemmings saying is true after all.

jctoyou4867d ago

look we heard all this before when the ps2 came out,then it was the xbox kicking its arse,not,this gen will be the same as the last,ps3 in 2008 will start to pull away again as the last time,without the good old usa backing it up it would be dead already,everywhere else in the world ps3 outsells it,next year with all the games released it will start thrashing the 360,copy this and throw it in my face at the end of next year if the ps3 aint the top console

gerrard4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

The truth is I've seen nothing on the x360 that has come close to KZ2 with cell+ nvidia (which was not off the shelf by the way because it was specifically designed to work with the cell), so much for your ATI custom graphic card being so superior that it only managed Halo 3 at 640p.

Kain814867d ago

PS3 is more advanced than the Xbugs360, and in time you will see what ps3 can do. At the end of 2008 we will see wich console is Superior.
We will see.

Evil0Angel4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

"....THIS IS WAITING ...." !!!!!!!
----------------------------- ------------
----------------------------- -----------
first they said "wait till PS3 lunch in 2006 ans it wil destroy 360"
was sloppy lunch

than! wait tell motorstorm comes and it will destroy 360.." sucked.avaerage less than 86%

afterthat "..wait till LAIR comes, and it will destroy 360.."
sucked big time.sonygirls said w do not care about reviews.

-->"..wait till havenly sowred,10GB audio , will not fit in dvd9 blah blah , it will destroy 360.." the game offer only 5H of gameplay+it suck+another wanna be

---->now wait till late 2008!!!!!!! ok i am waiting

============================= ==============
*"Wait till Halo 3 comes out, it will destroy the POS3"- nope, didn't! "

wh?? 360 outsold PS3 IN NA 5:1, the numbers where 527K : 119K

*"Wait till MS$ fixes RROD, then it will be all over for POS3"- still haven't and it wouldn't!

MS has not fixed RROD and 360 is still outselling the PS3 worldwide , you idiot

nanometric4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

"Wait till Halo 3 comes out, it will destroy the POS3"- nope, didn't!
"Wait till MS$ fixes RROD, then it will be all over for POS3"- still haven't and it wouldn't!

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