Juiced 3 in development?

Nick from PS3Center writes:

These fans will definitely be pleased to hear that there may just be a new Juiced game in the works. UK developer Juice Games has recently posted a few new job openings for "an unannounced arcade racing game". The game is being developed "for console platforms including PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360", and calls for artists who can "design and create exciting urban and rural circuits" for the racing game.

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FrankFoxJaegar3441d ago

Nice, I liked the Juiced games... better than the cookie cutter NFS games, IMO.

-x.Red.x-3441d ago

oh god I hope so
I hope it will have Gfx like NFS shift.

dragonyght3441d ago

didnt thq canned the series

RainOfTerror3441d ago

Maybe they revived it, or maybe it's a different IP, but yes, THQ announced in one of its Q3 financial results that "THQ has decided to not continue with its Juiced and Stuntman IPs."

HarukoHex3440d ago

OMG please no, this series sucked since the day it came out. the game was practically unplayable on the last one. *shivers* please no, spend your dev money on a good concept.