Surfer Girl: Twenty-five more things

Industry insider "surfer girl" has come to reach on twenty five more things on new game titles being developed as we speak. Contains information on: Gears of War trilogy, the next Hitman game, Far Cry on PS3, Prince of Persia 4, Resistance: Fall of Man 2, and more.

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vaan4878d ago

No one cares. Apart from Gears of War, all those games suck balls.

HarryEtTubMan4878d ago

Far Cry 2.... SYPHON FILTER AND RESISTANCE 2.... HOW DARE THE BLASTPHEMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PSS is heating up baby... wait did it say FAR CRY!!!!!

MK_Red4878d ago

WTH!? Next Hitman for Wii? Haven't they realiszed that violent games are not for Wii (Just look at current Manhunt 2 controversy and how all TV stations and media are talking of horrible things and such about Manhunt with motion sensetive controles?)

I hope Surfer Girl is wrong about Hitman and next 47 comes to PC, PS3 and 360.

umair_s514878d ago

finally syphon filter for ps3

predator4878d ago

most of them comments were for the wii, even tho u could of predicted every one of them, what is suprising is that the gears trilogy is on 360, which means that its going to be around a few more years yet

THE_JUDGE4877d ago

I really wonder who the hell it is though. I would like to hear more about some unreleased Sony first party games.

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