First PS3 & Wii Kiosks shown.

What do you reckon real or fake?

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andy capps5869d ago

Could be real, I was hoping for a cleaner design and Sony Bravia tv's for the demo pods, or kiosks, but it looks nice. I'm more of a fan of the Wii's design, honestly.

kingboy5869d ago

looks like one though so i`m just gonna say yes on it

slugg5869d ago

Look at the red writing on the PS3-- they haven't used that font/color scheme for a long time. Also, Sony has said they probably wouldn't release demopods this year, don't want to short systems for consumers, so if true might be awhile before we see one anywhere...

DEIx15x85869d ago

Anyone that believes that Sony is not releasing demo stations this year is a complete moron and if they are right Sony is a complete moron. With the way news is lately i go with the second option. If there are no demo stations all that means is that the system doesn't match what they are showing so they are covering something up by making all the people that are going to get one but it sight unseen.