The Gaming Effect Staff Editorial: The Dust Has Settled- Who Won E3?

The Gaming Effect Team each weights in on their own opinions on who won this years E3 conference.

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ps921172689d ago

PS Vita.

I am not saying Sony because honestly their lead console right now was ignored.

2689d ago
D2K2689d ago

How many threads are gonna be made asking this same question? *smh*

But just to indulge.....

Sony gets an A+
Microsoft gets a Q-
Nintendo gets an 'incomplete'

zeal0us2689d ago

isn't a q a little too high "kid" would be a better grade.

oh more kinect hate, yes I hate the kinect would M$ keep trying to pull a nintendo on us(core/hardcore gamers). Voice integration for doesn't cut it, the crap they using the kinect(voice integration not the movement stuff) for can simply done with a headset.
Wheres the exclusive? Halo & Gears don't count seeing as we new about them already.

Boody-Bandit2689d ago

I would rate them
Sony A-
Nintendo B-
Microsoft F

boss_killa2689d ago

I don't think anyone really won E3 except for the gamers that got to play all the new games on the show floor.

Nintendo had a chance to really steal the show but their Wii U unveiling left much to be desired. Ninty might be saving some of their best announcments for TGS.

Sony had a solid conference. The Vita was their highlight so the PS3 took the backseat. There are a lot of PS3 exclusives coming out this year already and they did show a glimpse of what 2012 will bring. It seems like they held back on some announcements for TGS since alot of anticipated games were left out.

Microsoft just chose to sit this one out.

HK62689d ago

The gaming community always wins E3.

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