Microsoft e3 Report Card - No Gamer Left Behind

Microsoft showed off a lot of nice titles at e3, including surefire hits like Halo 4 and a 10th anniversary remake of Halo: Combat Evolved, as well as updates to popular Kinect titles like Dance Central 2 and Kinect Sports Season 2.In a shocking move Peter Molyneux announce that Fable: The Journey is a brand new Kinect game that is completely on rails. Forza 4, due October 11, will also make heavy use of the Kinect peripheral. We also saw high profile third party games like Mass Effect 3 and Ghost Recon: Future Soldier seeing strong Kinect integration.

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ATiElite2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Well they showed Gears3 which looks great. Seems the crowd already new about Halo 4 from M$ website leak. Halo HD got the crowd happy.

Way too much Kinect and way way too much Peter Molyneux. "Fable Journey is not on rails, I swear" OK whatever you say......seems Pete is back on the wagon.

Sinkway2690d ago

This is what i don't understand with people,

Before E3 2011: Where is all the Kinect games!?

After E3 2011: MS had too many Kinect titles.

I'm not having a go at you ATiElite im just saying.
And i had a play around with the Kinect FunLabs last night, and it was pretty fun i have to say.

MintBerryCrunch2690d ago

kinect games? you mean games that have put kinect features in them and to me, most look like a gimmick

the "kinect" games we saw such as LIGHTSABER ON!! was a failure in my mind

Schafer cuing in the "simulated family" didnt make Sesame Street any better...looks like a fun game......for everyone under 10 years old....

BUT the biggest problem i have with all of this is that they used kinect fun labs, kudo and kinect sports as the follow-up to Halo 4...that really didnt help the game at all nor the conference....everything before that was ok in my mind....had they actually announced a new game from Rare, a DIFFERENT game from Moleyneux, this show would have done much better

SilentNegotiator2690d ago

If the same people who were begging for Kinect games said that afterwards, then perhaps they were hoping for MORE regular games, and not a conference that was 90% Kinect.

ATiElite2690d ago

No prob Sinkway.

For me i understand Kinect broadens M$ market and makes them easy money but M$ has completely abandoned the core audience. It's all up to third party Devs to keep the Core 360 gamers happy.

Bathyj2690d ago

Uhm, I really dont remember anyone asking "where are all the Kinect games?" M$ has been nothing but Kinect for the last year.

Unless you mean "where are all the GOOD Kinect games?"

That makes more sence.

mrv3212690d ago

So last year they showed Forza 4 and Gears 3 both holiday 2012. This year the only game they showed for 2012 was Halo.

Core gamers get treated how they should, after all we bought your console when it was $500 Red Ringed more times than you said Kinect and bought every single Halo since... and what do we get at OUR press confrence designed for us. Disney.

E3 is for the core, no casual will stay up till early morning, or watch 10 hours of streams.