The Competitive Brawl: A Preview / Interview for the Hardcore SSB player

A preview/interview for hardcore Smash Bros. players. Featuring some info straight from two competitive players, the article features a one page preview on the latest build, and two pages of interview goodness with Hugs (Samus) and Gimpy (Bowser).

(Interview is pages 2 and 3 if that's all you care about.)

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TruthbeTold4873d ago

I think that it's best that some major things are being changed on this game, and abused glitches ironed out. This game should indeed be the next step/final improvement rather than just being Melee with better graphics. Congrats to the developers for making the tough choices, and pulling off an awesome game anyway. I think it will be a rare gamer that will not like and have much fun with this game.

ShadoWulf4873d ago

I was never too good at Melee, so we'll see in Brawl. Needless to say, I won't be missing any of this stuff I never really learned to use.