Did Microsoft Secretly Win E3?

This article looks at the E3 press conferences from a business perspective and debates why Microsoft may be the one to come out on top.

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-Alpha2689d ago

God I hate sarcasticgames articles. Not only can I not tell if their serious or not but they get away with writing stuff like this too

dc12689d ago

This was one of the very few non sarcastic articles on their site. Well written.
However, MS Gaming can not establish there fiscal goals on three games alone. MS knows this and that's why there is so much focus on the big 'K'.

news4me2689d ago

If Microsoft won E3 it'd have to be a secret, because to me, they finished soooo far in last they can barely see the silhouette of Sony and Nintendo is in a different dimension altogether.

Ju2689d ago

That's so secret, that nobody knows, actually. LOL

fr0sty2688d ago

About as much as Sony secretly won E3 2006.

zootang2688d ago

It's sad to say but it's becoming normal for Microsoft to have the worst E3 out of the big three.

Washington-Capitals2688d ago

@ news4me im no fanboy but sony and nintendo didnt have stellar press conferences either. This E3 overall was pretty lackluster. Sure all of the companies showed off amazing games etc, but everyone played it safe and there were no shockers or major announcements. Complete letdown for a gamer like myself.

dc12688d ago

Its areally quick read.

ikkokucrisis2688d ago

I don't know about you guys, but I like commenting about crappy articles that I haven't read!
see what i did there?

MaxXAttaxX2688d ago

as the only hilarious explanation for the big fail that it was.

rob60212688d ago


I don't think everyone 'played it safe' Microsoft showed everything they had I'm pretty sure.

Bigpappy2688d ago

This is the first article that sees this from my perspective. M$ is focused on doing what works to grow revenue. You guys will laugh at M$, then you will look at how many 360's w/kinect and games they are selling and wonder how it happened.

Boody-Bandit2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

Uh no Bigpappy, we will not look at how many units, Kinects or Kinect games MS sold and wonder anything. Want to know why? Because we are gamers and not stock brokers or share holders. We couldn't give a shit about sales, especially those that involve Kinect. We want core games.

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news4geeks2689d ago

I thought this was one of their better articles, which for the most part I agree with.

Tru_Ray2689d ago

The author makes some valid points, but I wouldn't say that they "won" E3 so much as they appeased their shareholders.

Microsoft's strategy is to minimize their risk and maximize their results. The new Halo games, Forza 4, Disney Kinect, and Gears of War 3 are all but guaranteed to be successful. Nobody with a moderate grasp of the realities of the world is going to dispute that.

However, their portfolio is severely lacking in terms of creative inspiration.

You can say what you want about Sony as corporation, but you got to respect their brazen and bold strategy. They don't care about smartphones allegedly eroding their portable gaming market. They realize that if they release an outstanding product like the PS Vita, they can create their own market. I know that I will be buying one on Day 1. I think that these "analysts" will be pleasantly surprised by the success of the product.

nopunctuation2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

LOL WHAT THE...oh sarcastic games move on people...

Etseix2688d ago

this article was secretly aprooved

Tank_Commander_E62689d ago

"Because they are business people first and gamers second, and from their perspective, they won."

They won and gamers lost. O_o

man I'm really glad I didn't buy an xbox this gen.

jdfoster002689d ago

Because they are business people first and gamers second, and from their perspective, they won." I'll +1 that !

M-Easy2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Publicly wins the comment section of this article for perfectly summing it up.

He wins bubbles. Give him his prize people.

sikbeta2688d ago

Actually, MS "won" casuals to sell more kinects, that leads to the real winners, the shareholders, that will be glad to count more cash and the core gamers "lost", as long as kinect keep selling, there is nothing that anyone can do, it's either adapt and buy a kinect or not buying it and don't b*tch about the attention MS gives to that add-on...

memots2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

secret indeed.

Winning what exactly? Do they have a podium and giving out medals or something?

Its a freaking Electronic Gaming Show ... its not a competition or some kinda of sport.

IAmCornHolio2688d ago

Well it depends on how you define win... Is Microsoft going to clean Sony and Nintendos financial clock this Christmas as a result of where MS is going with the xbox? Then yes they won.

kingdoms2689d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

Microsoft usually does where it counts. People say Microsoft fell behind the last two e3's but they always win the battle on the ground with consumers as a result.

Huge core games

Popular casual games on the hottest motion tech

Hybrid games of the biggest AAA titles

Advanced new services

Advanced new system software and dashboard upgrades

IPTV on the most advanced set top box aka. 360

Handhelds and tvs don't account for much in the console market. Strange new consoles with complex and akward tablet controls does nothing for kids and older people and most hardcore gamers and is a terrible mistake on Nintendo's part

IMO Nintendodid more than lost but failed big time. 90 percent of the base that gave Nintendo success will not be able to use a tablet to play games and most casual and core gamers will refuse to hual around pounds of hardware to half a$$ play games between two pieces of tech.

LMAO setting the tablet on the ground to get a floor veiw. Doodle on the tablet and it shows up on your tv :S

LMAO playing Handhelds that have console power? Can't wait to play on your 50" tv so you need a handheld with iPad gameplay plus buttons that will wear out

IAmCornHolio2688d ago

Nintendo also effectively killed off wii sales for the next year and half...

kingdoms2688d ago

360 winning the hottest topic G4 E3 poll funny how some media and fanboys are still in denial

GarandShooter2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

Yeah, because the same uninformed casual gamer (no offense, meant to be descriptive, not judgmental) is the same person combing the internet for E3 news.

In fact I bet a large part of the Wii's demographic, if not the majority, have no clue or interest about E3.

JokesOnYou2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

No minusthebear actually those were some great points kingdoms made, I disagree about him saying nintendo is making a terrible mistake with their controller, but he definitely makes some fair points about what micro showed, Halo4, Forza4, Gears3=definitely what core gamers want, hybrid games for AAA 3rd party games like ME3 & Ghost Recon & all future Ubisoft games, EA jumping on the kinect hybrid bandwagon, surely these big time devs must really like what they are seeing behind scenes with kinect implementation in their games, momentum is building around kinect and that fact makes kinect alot more revelant to both casuals and hardcore alike, kinect+deeper dasboard inyergration, iptv, cloud service, really looks like alot for ALL 360 owners to look forward to.

Why o why2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )


If casual is your thing then MS won hands down. This talk of core kinect games is a bit of an oxymoron for me right now as no games have shown kinect to be accurate enough for what the majority of this site used to call 'core' for lack of a better word. They have added SIMPLE kinect support to core games...yep. How will they actually play...lets wait and see before we laud or lament

MS definitely appeased their shareholders. 99% of n4g members do NOT fall into that category. Gears Forza Halo Fable...cushdy. but what else. Yes there are a multitude of great multi games coming but that was never the point as 3rd party support has always been there

Killer instinct or kinect sports 2.

xhundred million on kinect advertising or x hundred million building their development teams

Im just simplifying MS's direction and where they're putting their resources of late. From a business point of view its safe and sound. From a *sorry* core gamers view especially ones who dont favor motion control gaming it kinda sucks.

I totally understand that there are people who are perfectly fine with this..Good luck to them BUT some are not.

What annoys me as much as those who'll probably be annoyed by what im saying is that most of n4g used to care about exclusives and cherished their worth. Now we seem to have the apologist 'im fine with this' rebuttals from some who used to scream about bioshock, mass effect and gears BECAUSE they were great differentiating exclusive games. How can people cheer the thought of Agent not being exclusive yet downplay the other sides exclusives...its illogical. Same goes both ways..from some sony fans hating on bioshock to embracing it when the ip jumped, same with ninja gaiden, same with whatever game that was an exclusive that went multi...truth is those seem to be the times when people come out and admit that having more choice of games is better than having less.

To the annoyed, yes some people will b!tch for the sake of it. Yes, some will NEVER be pleased for xbox or Microsoft but dont let their/our ignorance cloud whats happening here or confuse them with the honest folk. MS is doing great by Kinect. They are supporting it to the hills and thats a good thing so dont get me wrong BUT you have to admit that you wish MS created more core games and didnt rely on 3rd parties and a few franchises to the extent they do and even if you personally dont agree with me you've gotta at least acknowledge that there are some old school TRUE 360 fans who are pissed about MS's new direction at least.

I wanted Sony to show more exclusives this year and was a tad disappointed. I know they're coming but im a gannet for new ip's and exclusives.. Its hard for those who prefer the 360 to say that without thinking of Kinect at this present moment. Dont sh!t on me for being honest

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the_best_player2688d ago

As soon as M$ started showing COD I knew they didn't have any games to show apart from halo, gears and eye-toy clone.

2688d ago
showtimefolks2688d ago

but if anyone thinks MS won e3 they are fanboys its quite that simple. None of the console makers won E3 this year i think that award goes to UBI

MS didn't show anything after the whole year where gaming media said they are holding some big for E3 than we get a kinectbox360 conference. Where are the core titles for 2012?

sony showed a little bit of stuff but their highlight was NGP's pricing and that's it. But where were the 1st party title for 2012 and beyond?

Nintendo got people so confused by just showing the controller for their next HOME CONSOLE

UBI and EA showed games that's what we gamers should care about

overall pretty boring E3 this year

NextGen24Gamer2688d ago

I believe that I'm as hardcore of a gamer as they come. I read comments and articles on this site every day since the site was launched years ago. I haven't commented in a long time because I think that it's just a bunch of fanboys voicing their ill-informed opinions for the most part. I find it hilarious to read and entertaining. But you know, I thought I would give my thoughts. I have been gaming since before there were graphics. When you played games in DOS and you had to type and the program would type back to you. My father worked at IBM and when atari 500 came out and intellivision, Caleco Vision, etc was released, my family was first to get it along with all the games. When arcade games became popular my dad would drop 2500 dollars on an actual arcade game and put it in our game room. I remember playing Kings Quest and thinking it was the greatest game ever. I grew up to be addicted to video games. I was more of a PC gamer than a console gamer, though I bought every single video game system ever released and bought games every single week. I make good money :-). I had 8 computers networked in my house and I was constantly upgrading them and would invite friends over to play multiplayer games together. I currently own 8 xbox 360's and 2 playstation 3's, a wii along with all the other consoles I have collected over the years. Which console do I prefer? Xbox 360. Why? I believe Microsoft got it right with the online and Kinnect. I do wish they would have more exclusive games but, I can't blame them for staying true to the blockbuster games that are proven. I believe that Microsoft knows what most gamers know who own all 3 systems. 3rd parter games look and play better on the xbox and their more fun to play on xbox live. I'm just being honest folks. I buy all the Ps3 exclusive games and I buy all the xbox exclusive games but ALL MY 3rd Party games are bought for the xbox 360. And I believe Microsoft knows that's the case for most gamers. In the end Hardcore gamers win because if you are trully a hardcore gamer, you have both the ps3 and the xbox. Why do some of you care so much about which console has the most exclusives? That doesn't mean that more people will buy that console. Remember, most hardcore gamers buy both and do like I do and buy the games we want for which ever console. And in my book Microsoft wins the bulk of my dollars and it's not because I'm a fanboy. It's because I'm a gamer with lots of money to spend and I have a deep and rich background in video games. I LOVE VIDEO GAMES.

Wardog13682688d ago

This is from the article...

"Finally, I beg you to pay attention as I state that I personally do not feel like Microsoft had the best conference. They didn’t get me very excited about anything they announced. So… take a deep breath and think things through before you start feverishly jabbing at your keyboard in the comments to tell me what a fan boy I am and how idiotic this article is. We’re not talking about passion, we’re talking about dollars and cents."

AlienLion2688d ago

Fanboys, I find your lack of reading comprehension disturbing

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JitterbugTS2689d ago

Did you actually READ it or are you just starting to scream because that's what you do?

M-Easy2689d ago

Unfortunately I read it and it reaffirmed that there is no gain in reading sacasticgamer articles. I could of cut the inside of my thighs instead of reading this and it would of been just as enjoyable.

And to answer your question: NO, they didn't win secretly, publicly, privately or any other "ly" They did win kiddie though.

JitterbugTS2689d ago

Cut the inside of your thighs? What the hell does that even mean? So you agree that they made a decent grab at the youth market, yet you disagree that they are the more financially sound investment over the next year? As I stated in the article, I personally got more jazzed by Sony and Nintendo, but from a financial perspective they are taking some serious risks. I realize you are speaking from a perspective of someone tied to their personal feelings in the matter, but the debate here isn't if MS got you excited, the debate is which company would smart investors place their money over the course of the next year or two.

And get rid of your razor studded thigh master. That's just bizarre.

-Alpha2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Your argument simply is that they showed Kinect casual gamers, which is profitable to casuals and thus "Wall Street"

MS did not impress simply because they showed the most profitable products. Your opinion is no different than someone saying Nintendo won because they showed the most revolutionary future or Sony for showing the most advanced future-- the problem here is that you can sub any sort of overriding winning factor and ignore everything else. In this case, you are talking about winning for showing the most profitable products and ignoring a bunch of other things that people expect from a good E3 show.


I dont understand how taking the least risk= winning a conference. The competition is rather silly, personally I think Nintendo "Won" but many others also feel Sony. It's a conference for gamers and gamers want to be impressed with the future of the Big 3. MS did not impress, and I don't see how MS's business strategy plays into how they performed at E3

JitterbugTS2689d ago

Nope. In the article I said that Sony and Nintendo had the best conferences from the perspective of a gamer. The point of the article was not to debate that, but rather to look at which of the three companies is taking the least risk. If I had titled it, "Why is Microsoft Letting Nintendo and Sony Take All The Risks?" and then kept the text in the article the exact same as it is now, you would have been all for it.

news4geeks2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

alpha, you're wrong on this one. This is the first time I've seen you be wrong... and it better be the last!

The win is entirely from a business perspective and it may very well be true. I don't particularly like sarcastic gamer, the quality of their articles leave a lot to be desired, but I thought this was an improvement and pretty much spot on.

Bathyj2688d ago

Maybe you should have titled it that instead of being so deliberately combative. How do you expect people to react?

Not taking risks is exactly why M$ will always be 2nd fiddle to Sony as far as a gamers point of view is concerned.

They play it safe. They continue to pump out only their big guns. They treat big multiplats like theyre their own games. They dont invest in small developers like Media Molecule or small ideas like Flow. They stick with DVD and build their consoles out of mid range PC parts.

Sony take risks. They are renowned for it. They adopt Bluray. They invent hardware like the Cell. They invest in small devs and large. They bankroll games they know will be niche. They diversify and are the only ones delivering over the last couple years in the one area I actually care about. High quality games.

You want me to put my Wallstreetdork hat on and praise them for doing the smart thing by them? BOOOO! Call me selfish, but I'm the customer, and I'd prefer they did the right thing by me. I dont care if their shareholders are happy or not.

M$ might very well be doing the right thing for themselves by following Nintendo after the casual market, much the same way they followed Sony into console gaming in the first place, but they are also solidifying a name for themselves as a company that abandons the people who got them where they are once they spot greener pastures.

2 generations in a row now.
No one dumps me 3 times, and their short term gain will be along term loss, guaranteed, at least as far as the couple grand I spend on gaming a year is concerned, which they seem happy to do without as long as my Grandma or niece buy something from them.

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GarandShooter2688d ago

@ Jitterbug

As a investor who has MSFT in my portfolio, I am happy with their direction.

As a gamer, not so much...

JitterbugTS2689d ago

Again, Max. Did you read the article?

LilDeja932689d ago

We Don't need to, already know from what we seen, I ent bashing them, but they where along shot away from winning.

JitterbugTS2689d ago

I agree with you, as a gamer. That's the point of the article. From a gamer's point of view, Microsoft lost BAD. But from an investor's point of view they are taking a very sly, very smart approach to the current market. But yeah, you and every one else here are probably right to pass judgement on an article before actually reading it. That's a pretty smart way to do things. LOL.

Neko_Mega2689d ago

Secretly in their own minds, yes they did. In real life.....When did this become a sport???

I think Nintendo and Sony both shown alot of good things, the only think I like about Microsoft's was Halo.

Anything about Gears is old news.

YodaCracker2688d ago

And anything about Uncharted and Resistance isn't old news?

Again, Microsoft showed more core games than Sony. This is simply a fact that cannot be denied. They also revealed more unknown 360 titles than Sony did PS3 titles. They showed MW3, Tomb Raider, Forza 4, GR: Future Soldier, Gears 3, Halo 4, Ryse, Mass Effect 3, Fable: The Journey, Halo: CE Anniversary, and then it was off to Kinect kids' games for the final third of the show.

Sony showed Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, BioShock: Infinite, Sly 4, Starhawk, some HD collections, and then the entire second half was Vita. The PS3 was not even mentioned past the half way mark, if I remember correctly. No megaton announcements either like Microsoft had with Halo 4.

GarandShooter2688d ago

You chose to over look NBA2K12, Dust514, SSX, NFS:The Run, BF3, etc.

Nice try, though.

Neko_Mega2688d ago

Did you even watch Sony's? Last I check their was alot of Move games.

But at least PS3 you can use something other then just motion control.

Youjustjelly2688d ago

Dude you nailed it and that is the truth.