75 Blu-ray movies for PS3 launch

Famitsu Magazine in Japan is claiming that Sony is ready to prepare up to 75 Blu-ray movies for the PS3 launch in Japan.

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TheMART5877d ago

Ofcourse. Like they just stated 100 titles already would be available but only 24 were actually?

Sony always overpromisses and underdelivers. Please stop the press releases Sony. Just deliver and then we report what it's like...

cosmoracer5876d ago

"My advise to Sony: Spend your money on getting your dual-layered discs working before advertising about theoretical four-layered discs. Stop the hype and let the product speak for itself. We are waiting patiently...but not forever, because there is another guy in town, and he actually delivers on his promises."

THE TRUTH5877d ago

MARY you are ludicris my green friend!! This means we will have both great games and plenty of movies to play on our shiny new PS3!!

Why do you think all PS3 news is bad? This is great news for gamers and movie buffs! How can Sony promise 100 titles when they aren't making all the blue ray movies? You make no sense and your arguements are childish quit blaming all your shortcomings on Sony!! You are both sad and pathetic go play you 360 and STFU

Thugbot1875877d ago (Edited 5877d ago )

I'm sorry but I want 75 games at launch time, not 75 movies. This isn't going to cut it for me, I'm a gamer and this is ridiculous. If I want to watch a movie I will go to the theater or watch in my home theater system. Also what benefits do I get from buying a brand new Blu-Ray DVD movie over current DVD's, there's no extra content in most cases and the quality isn't worth upgrading my movie collection replacing DVD movies I already own. I’m sorry I only want good games and to me it doesn’t sound like Sony is here to make a gaming console but yet sneak a CRAPPY DVD STANDARD, that does little in the way of quality for us the consumer but ROB us of money, by calling it the next best GAME Console. This isn’t what video games are about, the games should come first and other things just a bonus. Us supporting this type of marketing by Sony is ridiculous. This is bad news for the whole game industry, we are being invaded by the movie and music industry. I JUST WANT GOOD GAMES!!!!

Gh0stDrag0n5877d ago

75 movies and 10? games.................Looks like the ps3 is a movie player first and game console second.

Karibu5877d ago

only PS3 is able to play BD-movies...

How many DVD's there are? I think with that ratio X360 is pure DVD player and games are a small bonus feature that most don't even use.
This is by your logic.

Thugbot1875877d ago

Karibu but one problem with what you are saying. The 360 was not marketed as a Movie platform. It just so happens the media needing to hold games is the same as movies so it’s a bonus. Not some forced standard on us. PS3 is forcing us all to have Blu-Ray, Sony say we need it for games but lets be honest if we will need it for games that come out 5yrs later, that’s cool that’s 5yrs later but at current we don’t and 5yrs from now there will be a new console that can adopt the next big media format size. Right now it looks like they are using us to make there pockets fat with a new movie standard we don’t need.

Marty83705877d ago

Only one's overpromissinges and underdelivering are M$ with the X360 and Toshiba with the HD-DVD.PS3/Bluray are the future.

bernie5877d ago

Bluray is second best after HD DVD, please don't be blinded by Sony's Hype.
Use your brain and read independent reviews and websites, you'll be very glad you did.

Try starting here:

I thought the same as you until I looked at the facts, so it's not really your fault.

TheMART5877d ago

MS say they would launch holidays 2005 and they did

Sony said they would launch spring 2006 and they didn't

MS told us what the architecture and hardware of the 360 would be and didn't change strange massive things

Sony told us what the architecture and hardware of the PS3 would be @ E3 2005 and changed many things

2 x HDMI?
all games in 1080p?
3 x Gigabit Ethernet port?
Where did the rumble go? Ow whow it suddenly dissapeared E3 2006
Even CGI described as ingame footage

MS says it'll bring revolution to online gaming. And it did. With the original XBOX Live and now with 360 Live having a premium service

Sony said with PS2 to have a great online service. Which actually didn't exist, it was to cry about. Sony says the PS3 will have a 'free' online network again. Say 1+1=2

Sony always overpromisses and is underdelivering. Always. Betamax, Minidisc, UMD. Did any mediaformat of Sony succeed? Nope. They only suc-ceed, like BetaBluRay is about to do. HD-DVD outsells it already and quality of footage is better on HD-DVD

You just got pwned

Karibu5877d ago

First, they never did say ALL games are in 1080p, they said up to 1080p.
Second, everyone was saying 2x HDMI 3x ethernetports is overkill and will never be used. But doh, some people got something to whine about it after all they did like gamers wanted. Besides, Why didn't you mention stantard HDD in PS3 when it wasn't mentioned earlier.

You're just sad fanboy, taking all out of context, twistiong words and playing stupid whenever some one gives and argument.

TheMART5877d ago

What did you actually read what was taken out of context? All stuff is just true and you know it.

Yeah 2 x HDMI is not nescessary. Better even 1 x HDMI is not nescessary. Yup Sony said ALL Games would be in 1080p. Real HD would be 1080p not 720p.

I don't do anything, I just tell what Sony lies to you.

You are one of the sad fanboys that are denying or even sucking Sony's balls harder when they lie to you in the face

drewlusk5877d ago (Edited 5877d ago )

Your an idiot. That is all that I have to say Xbox 360 rocks my nuts off

EnforcerOfTheTruth5877d ago

kiddo you are way worse, you are kaming things up. Sony never said all games will be in 1080p and they never said PS2 is 10x more powerful than Xflop/gamecube.
You are such a little funny creature, kiddo get off our nutts or I'll have to hunt you down again ;-) Here we go kiddo:


"There's a revolution that's about to take place in game consoles," - Ahem, what revolution, maybe that they will only support Xflop for only 3-4years? And please take into account that they are the richest company, but they still don't support their fans like

"We don't want to disappoint gamers," - well my friend, an Xbox owner, is pretty dissapointed that they don't support Xflop

"One of the basic premises of the Xbox is to put the power in the hands of the artist," Blackley said, which is why Xbox developers "are achieving a level of visual detail you really get in 'Toy Story.'" - Now that's some funnyass $hit. I really wonder why all these Xbugs were claiming Sony said that. Xbugs do you always twist facts so bad?


HD-DVD included from the start -

5 x bigger bandwidth than the PS3 - think they can only sell this $hit only lil Xbugs, who of course have zero understanding of technology.

"The single PPE in the Cell has half of the cache size of Xenon" - a funny lie, unlike Cell Xenon's cache is divided by it's 3 cores.

"you'll never see a PS3 title with more than 256MB of textures at any given time, due to the split graphics and system memory banks" - funny lie, he fails to mention that RSX can acces both 256MB Rams at the same time.

Kiddo it appears that downgrading Xflop1.5 of the promised HD-DVD is way worse than just taking away some ports, don't you think?

So here we go and while we at it, you should also know how your holly god aka MS is screwing your lil Xbugass:

Xbox 360 VGA HD AV Cable - $39.99

Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adapter - $99.99

Xbox 360 20GB Hard Drive - $99.99

Xbox support - stopped !!! the richest company in the world

And as for your wireless pads, have fun buying batteries or spending $19.99 for a charging at least can charge our pads with a simple USB cable ;-)

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