Hitman: Absolution Debuts at E3 2011

At this very moment, an army of hard-working team members are into the second day of presenting what is a true labor of love for IO Interactive – Hitman: Absolution. The knowledge that millions of fans have been waiting for news on Hitman is making the guys give it everything they have to present a game that we’re extremely proud of at IO. Lifting the veil on the development of a new game is always fun but given the connection between the studio and Hitman, this time it’s more exciting than ever.

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PRHB HYBRiiD2779d ago

This is a must own...dying for some gameplay footage

HarryB2779d ago

I love hitman. Its awesome. I love the idea of walking and calculating my next moves to get to finish the objectives the beset way I can. Its the only game like it. But sometimes like many other people, no one survives to tell the story lol. But man its definitely time for a hitman. I cant wait to take out my ballers and shoot and have my ballers hanging out after I shoot like im a gangster. LETS DO THIS LEROY.

fafoon2779d ago

And all because the lady loves milktray

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GoldPS32779d ago

Looking good. I hope I get to see the woman out the shower.

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