Uncharted Dual Packs, PSP Dual Packs Spotted at E3

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception looks incredible and is sure to blow us away when it releases in November. But what if you have never played the first two Uncharted games? Luckily, we spotted an Uncharted dual pack at E3, along with a whole bunch of PSP bundles.

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Oldman1002780d ago

Wow that is an amazing value. Must buy for anyone who plans on getting a ps3.

doctorstrange2780d ago

For a cut price. Truly awesome.

LoneWanderer092780d ago


The box art does not affect the game in anyway, but it does mess with my game collection. i never sell or trade any of the games i buy and i only buy games that i want to play not because they are cheap.

Newtype2780d ago

I hate the greatest hits red color on the top....why dont they make it a sticker like the earlier ones so I can peel that ugly POS off.

DoomeDx2780d ago

Platinum games in the EU look much worse

Kurisu2780d ago

They sure do. I have the original Uncharted on Platinum, and the yellow is disgusting.

craddock2780d ago

How does the colour of the case affect how the game plays?

NateCole2780d ago


I don't want sound like an elitist prick but i am also a collector. Having red or grey colored cases ruins my collection. It screams cheap to me personally.

This is not in any way a refection of how i feel about other gamers that buy these greatest hits.

To buy the game just to play your mentality is correct in that reagrds. Color of the case or the art is not relevant. However to game collectors like myself its not just about buying it to play it. Its also buying a game for my game collection. Its also the reason why i never resell my games or buy second hand. Its a personal pride thing.

fuzion17c2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

That's the price paid for being a late adopter. I hate the GH red color too and I rarely buy games day one. I end up waiting for a decent price point and then search for original packaged copies before they all turn red. I price match in the process if necessary. I also avoid buying value priced games online because you never know what copy(original or red) you'll end up getting. Amazon's sent me GH copies a couple times, which I end up returning or reselling. Ebay's different on the other hand, since you could ask the seller what kinda copy they have.

GoldPS32780d ago

Great deal. Just in time for UC3.

HeavenlySnipes2780d ago

For how much? I borrowed UC2 for a friend never played the first. I'd buy the second, but I always see it for like $35-40.

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The story is too old to be commented.