PC World Hands on With Sony's PlayStation 3D Display

Sony hopes to bring 3D to the masses with a low-cost PlayStation-branded television it announced at E3 in Los Angeles.

At 24-inches, the 1080p display is aimed at dorm rooms, bedrooms and family dens, but would be too small for large living rooms.

The big benefit for gamers over other 3D displays is that Sony's shows different full-screen images to different players.

"Ordinarily when you're playing two-player mode you use split screen," said Sony hardware product manager Patrick Chen. "With the new technology in this display you can get full HD per person while you're wearing the glasses."

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Uncharted3Goty2688d ago

More People might want to buy it now.


I still think it's the wrong size.

I get it, they want to make an impression on the cheaper end of entry price for 3D TVs and there's no denying that it's a good deal a 3DTV at that price. Also there isn't many 3DTVs on that size around here (don't know about North America) so it's another reason it can succeed.

But still, when you talk so much about making PS3 the center of the entertainment in your house and bringing 3D to it, my vision is a living room. So 32" and up.

I'll wait and hope they announce something similar on bigger size cause, quite frankly, for the bedroom, any TV with a control remote will do, if I want to play there too, I think I could get a decent common HDTV of that size for US$250... But that's just me.

Lawliet2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

I get what you mean. Maybe if this succeed I wouldn't doubt they'd release a much bigger size for other target audience, I personally think it's perfect. The current 24' inch is an excellent use for monitor, and also a television in a small room.

Btw, this is a $499 bundle which include
24' inch 1080p 3D display monitor w/ability to display full HD per person
One set of active shutter glasses
A HDMI cable
Resistance 3

I don't know where you can find such a deal, especially for that monitor alone its impossible! This is not a steal, it doesn't even take effort to acquire. More like a flick of a finger, and the goods just drop from the sky.

Overall deal is so cheap, it's like ripping off a kid, selling him a candy bar for $499!

evrfighter12688d ago

really a steal?

cuz i can't point you to a 3d monitor of the same size and a 3d glasses kit for $50 less?

the split screen idea is meh at best. If you're in a dorm with a group of friends and they don't have glasses? then what its like watching someone at a lan. big whoop.

Therealspy032688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

Only on N4G would a very reasoned and well said comment (about sony) like this have more disagrees than agrees. you made a couple really good points man. that's exactly how i felt. i should have been 32" for 750. that would have been a much more sellable product if you ask me. as it is, i do most of my gaming solo (that is to say i do multiplayer online) so the 2 images to 2 people means almost nothing to me. for just a few hundred more, i can get a really nice 40-50" 3D tv.

Dee_912688d ago

getting a small 3d tv would be sorta defeating the purpose for me
Il just wait for a price drop

I have a 32inch tv in my room and its really small for my room ( i have a big room ) so I cant even imagine replacing it with a 24inch that would be like watching my computer screen from my bed .. nah can do that

but yea it may be good for dorm rooms
but then again more than likely they would get a normal 32in tv for that price

LightofDarkness2688d ago

I just bought a TRUE 120hz monitor (120hz TVs are not actually 120hz yet, whereas this monitor is). 1080p, 24", 1ms response time and all. €180. Add a 3D-Vision kit to that for €120 and that's €300.

$438. Heck, you could chuck in a full price game and still come up cheaper. Did I mention that this display is TRUE 120hz and not the fake interpolated BS that TV manufacturers scam people with?

Bull5hifT2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

I Bought an ASUS LED MONITOR ML238.... after studying the specs of various models for 4 nights straight on Amazon, this thing cost me $220 and was still seeling at $550 in most places.... It has a 1 in 1,000,000 contrast Ratio, 1080p, 60FPS.... I love the deep blacks and ultra bright, crisp Images.and dont have to worry about the image getting burned in like a plasma, ... And its soo friggen thin and light, the stand looks very stylish also , im Very Happy but i would like to try 3D

BeastlyRig2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

if your serious about competitive first person shooter then you want a 24 inch monitor not even a tv.. tv's are ass for what they offer for gaming.

MariaHelFutura2687d ago

They`ll probably release different models. $499 is most likely a starting point.

pain777pas2687d ago

I think that it is 24" because they will give you a quality screen for the price. Without 3D games will look crazy good. I don't know what to do yet I really need to start thinking long term though. 500 dollar investment for now until glassesless 3D is available. I have to save up for this, Vita, UC3, Skyrim, Arkham....

Lawliet2687d ago

Funny... Saying you can get a much satisfying price than this, but hardly any evidence. May I remind you this is a retail price, this is first hand stuff, not something USED! Where exactly is the promotion that you speak off so proudly? Can't even find it online? Same Spec REALLY?! Now where is it? You don't freaking have it! Pulling crapshit out of your arse that's what you only know how to do!

Why are you even here if you are not looking for a 3D monitor?! "I don't need 3D, so this product sucks" Oh wow that's very logical of you. Just like Monkey who love choosing his food.

evrfighter12686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

boom there it is. and I own this monitor btw

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GoldPS32688d ago

It comes with Resistance 3 too. No bad.

thebudgetgamer2688d ago

is it always 3-d, or can you use it like a regular television?

mugoldeneagle032688d ago

It should allow you to switch back and forth from 2D-3D. I guess it is a "3D Monitor" though, so who knows. Almost guarantee you'll have the option though

thebudgetgamer2688d ago

i figure when tax time rolls around again i can buy one of these for my ps360 and use my vizio as a dedicated computer monitor.

Allowen2688d ago

It will probably be compatible with the official Playstation headphones that are 7:1 surround what would be awesome.

darren_poolies2688d ago

The article says it only comes with one pair of the 3D glasses, I though Sony said it was bundled with two?

NBT912688d ago

Dont think so, they showed it with 2 in order to show the spilt screen thing but i think they said the bundle would be one pair only.

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