E3 2011: No Clear Winner

GPT: "Typically, when the last of the “Big 3” completes their press conference, gamers are left with a sense that someone came out a clear winner. For the first time in quite a few years, there is no clear champion being crowned."

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BeaRye2688d ago

What? MS showed dedication to both casual and hardcore fans. Pretty impressive show for lacking in-house developers.

kennykramer2688d ago

Let me get this right- Nintendo and Sony both showed off new and innovative hardware and you think MS won? ahahaah

Convas2688d ago

In retrospect, yeah, I gotta agree. Still though, they need to remember who their viewership is. Not 6 year olds. We're all men or women who want controller based experiences.

Drekken2688d ago

Blinded by the light... wrapped up like wut?

Jocosta2688d ago

Its revved up like a deuce. Whatever the hell that means.

gersh2688d ago

I thought it was "wrapped up like a douche."

Drekken2688d ago

lol, joco.. I know its revved like a deuce, but just like gersh, most people think it is wrapped up like a douche.

kingdoms2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

Sorry phone or site glitching.

JokesOnYou2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

How do you "win"E3? Shouldnt the score for E3 be based off the actual performance of the products/ideas they introduced over the next year? For what its worth I wasnt blown away by any 1 announcement from any of them but as a guy who owns both a 360 and ps3 I thought they both showed some good stuff, and great games....for micro I hated the Disney crap, for sony I thought it was too much portable focus, but hey I dont like portables, dont own any dont want any. As for nintendo, Im not sure what to think until I get more details.

kingdoms2688d ago

Microsoft showed casual, core, and hybrid games also showed new games and a new system software update with new advanced dashboard services and features. The xbox is now a IPTV set top box. Microsoft delivered better for the console market. Sony showed some games but mostly revealing about the handheld market, talking about handhelds and 3d and tvs. Nintendo showed virtually nothing for the Wii and talked about some strange controller for a console seemingly mostly still on the concept drawing board and a flopping handheld

Microsoft delivered better for gamers and the company in the console market and will have actual results on the street for consumers. Microsoft has offerings that can actually compete with the huge 3rd party titles coming out. The offerings from the competition will flop against these 3rd party games.

DrFUD2688d ago

Maybe there was no clear winner but there was a clear loser - Microsoft.

hotrider122688d ago

Yep, microsoft was the clear loser this time around no doubt about that.

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ShyGuy132688d ago

I agree, there is no winner as every conference was quite lackluster.

jonlynch2688d ago

True. How many millions of dollars went into making 3 big piles of meh?

NoobJobz2688d ago

Well there just weren't any suprises. Everything that was announced was almost expected.

VampiricDragon2688d ago

the only thing we know is sony and nintendo were the best

The Matrix2688d ago

Of course there is a winner. As usual, video game players are...

jonlynch2688d ago

Not sure how you got disagrees for saying gamers won. Amazing how some people can disagree if you don't hate something.

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The story is too old to be commented.