Pressure piles on pre-owned games

The pre-owned games division may be set to go on life support, as many games studio developers have expressed concern at gamestores raking in profits from pre-owned games while the developers get nothing.

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Jack Bauer4878d ago

if you sell your car should you have to pay the manufacturer to sell YOUR car...

ruibing4878d ago

I think its natural to buy used games when the retail version is priced too high or its just not readily available in your local area or your favorite online retailer. I bought tons of PS2 games from eBay, but I also buy retail ones from Amazon and other stores when I really want to support the developer, like Square Enix and Konami.

I think everyone buys a game depending on whether its cost or state is more important. It's like deciding between a preowned and a new car, you sometimes must have it new, while other times you can't pass by a great deal.

stevenhiggster4878d ago

Thats exactly what I was thinking, can you imagine if ford wanted a cut every time a second hand car was sold, what a load of crap!

This guy is just a tit, clearly he is in the wrong job and should just open a games shop and stop moanin.

socomnick4878d ago

Once you buy a game it is your property you can do what ever you want with that disc. If a game store buys it from you then they are now the owners of that disc and therefore are entitled to 100 percent of the money generated from selling it.

Jack Bauer4878d ago

you cannot make copies of it and sell ya cant do w/e ya want but... id rather buy new anyway... one time i bought a used game that looked like someone threw up on it and ive gotten games with so many scratches... i have tried to get scratches on my games (well blank discs) through normal ware and tare and i cannot do what these people who trade their games in do.

socomnick4878d ago

lol yea every time I buy a used game I ask to see it first most of the time it has no scratches or tiny ones. I usually get new releases for like 50 dollars so thats a 10+ tax savings.

ENNO4878d ago

Is stupid,I sell them to friends and other people on the net...make triple what I could get from those sciving bastards...

games4fun4878d ago

would be to them seriously they give you a little less than half of the game price if your lucky and then resell it for twice what they paid you. Its kind of stupid that they get away with this selling on ebay is way better.

CyberSentinel4878d ago (Edited 4878d ago )

One solution is to do like the MMO market does, encode every "game" with a "key" and lock it to a single user and/or account BEFORE it will be activated. In order to play said game you would HAVE to agree with the EULA.

@5.1: Exactly. Problem solved.

@5.2: I know the idea of not being able to play used, pre-owned, rentals, and copied games frighten some, but this is the only option, other then raising prices for retail games.

ENNO4878d ago

That would mean no more rentals...screw that sh!t

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The story is too old to be commented.