The Average Gamer Previews Fable: The Journey. It’s Not On Rails.

At E3 2011 today, Debbie Timmins of The Average Gamer caught a live preview of Fable: The Journey and some detailed info from Peter Molyneux himself.

"The watchword for Lionhead when building this game is “freedom” with the press conference demo intentionally restricted to rails in order to show off the spellcasting and combat system. As Molyneux told us today “You’re free to navigate and move round however you like. Free to take different pathways, free to go off-road."

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HeavenlySnipes2691d ago

Are you taking what Peter Molyneux is saying serious? Either we see it or its on rails.

Sinkway2691d ago

Dude your like in every Kinect topic atm, are you interested in the Hardware? Im not being a douche im serious.

On Topic: Peter Molyneux better be telling the truth about this one. If its exploring like you just point at a path and then its on rails...well then its a no buy for me, which is a pity because i love fable.

captain-obvious2691d ago

It IS on rail
i saw an interview with peter m.
you can transport from one place to the other using your wagon
the wagon is always moving forward

the way you choose where you want to go is by guiding your wagon on which road to take

the fighting scene how ever is on rails

SilentNegotiator2691d ago

So only the important parts (combat) are on-rails.
That's much better.


They explain how on the site? Google Chrome is not letting me in...

Also, is this a Kinect only Fable or will it be optional?

HeavenlySnipes2691d ago

can't get on the site with Firefox

Hozi892691d ago

It looks to be Kinect only.

Weefz2691d ago

It's Kinect-only. Cracked some whips at my webhosts and the site should be back up now. Apologies for the downtime.

Fragger2k82691d ago

I'm guessing what Peter meant by what he said was that there will be different directions to take at certain points, but that it is still going to be an on rails game, you'll just have some other areas you can head to, like choosing left, right, or center. Unless he specifically says otherwise, people shouldn't look too much into what he was saying.

I really don't see this being a game where you're free to move around, but it's also not like it would be impossible for them to do it. Most likely, though, it would not be fun at all if that were the case. It probably won't be tons of fun to begin with, but you never know.

nirwanda2691d ago

Most rpgs are on rails to some extent for story telling so it could be a good thing as it could focus the story or it could be a bad thing with it endin up more like an on rails shooter, i hope they use the object scanning like the did with the milo demo.

Weefz2691d ago

Molyneux specifically said that you can go off-road wherever you want. You can turn around or stop and start your horse and carriage. When you're not on your horse you can move around and turn by pointing your body or hand in the direction you want to go.

I'm not sure how/if that would translate to moving backwards but certainly the free forwards/sideways movement has been shown as valid way to navigate in other titles like Kinect Disneyland Adventures

The combat was put on rails for the demo because they only had a 2:30 slot. Lionhead will be showing a non-rails demo at GamesCom in August.

VampiricDragon2691d ago

its on rails

Its not like the last 3 decent fables

this is shovelware

Sinkway2691d ago

I agree with you but i don't, and what i mean by that is, i hope its not shovelware but its a good chance it could be. I want Milo and Kate on Kinect not Fable.

B1663r2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Fable is already a very rail-sy game with the occasional choice to make, with those choices super hyped up as being significant...

No I can actually see how this would work... You rails back and forth to different locations (fable paths are already rails thin, you only have the illusion of freedom of movement) Then punctuated with assorted mini-games and painfully(boring even) easy combat.

Throw in some Lionhead humor, have the player do a chicken dance to get past some quests or what not...

Have a really awful ending...

And you have a fable game. I don't see the controversy.


I can actually see how Lionhead could make this into a ~fable~ game. If it is straight through Links CrossBow training then it is a disaster, yes, but I can see how they could do a Fable game with Kinect, and yes the occasional rail...

VampiricDragon2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

the controversy is the first 3 were decent games with real gameplay, real controls, a real rpg

this is a slap in the face.

@ apollyn


This is an on rail fp action game with gimmick horse riding..........

Ill take anything over that

Apollyn2691d ago

I would disagree with fable 3 only however.

That didn't feel like an RPG at all.