Pixeljunk Lifelike | E3 First Impressions @ VGW

VGW: ylan Cuthbert doesn’t want you to view Pixeljunk Lifelike as a game. The Q Games founder calls the company’s upcoming release an “audio canvas,” an experimental hybrid of music and rhythm games that strips the “game” from the equation. More accurately, Lifelike comes off as performance art.

When we walked into the Sony breakout session, we were promised the reveal of an unannounced game; seeing Dylan Cuthbert in the room meant there was some Pixeljunk goodness in our future. But then Japanese musician Baiyon – known for his weekly performances in Kyoto and the hypnotic music and visuals on Pixeljunk Eden – took control of a Playstation Move controller as a thumping bass drum shook the walls of the meeting area.

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