Croteam getting Serious about an XBLA Release of Serious Sam 3

In the hallowed halls of the Los Angeles Convention Center today XBLA Fans’ Editor in Chief, John Laster, found out a tasty little tidbit about a big prequel of a classic series.

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Clumzyagent2743d ago

It makes sense at this point. People who picked up the remastered games are playing them on either PC or XBLA. This should follow suit.

cain1412743d ago

I hope it does go the XBLA route.

despair2743d ago

something about what they are saying seems off, isn't serious sam 3 going to be a full retail release on the consoles and PC already? What's the big deal on a XBLA release?

Bigpappy2743d ago

You would be shocked if M$ released the numbers for games they sell 'on demand'. Many people play the demo then download the game. If they had to go to the store, they might have put it off and never make the plunge.

Cajun Chicken2743d ago

I would be happy with this.