PlayStation Store Update: June 7th - E3, Day 1

Official U.S. PlayStation Blog: Grace Chen delivers the low-down on today's special E3-focused PlayStation Store update.

Head over to the PS Blog to inspect the massive list!

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Hazmat132780d ago

will they have the FarCry 3 trailer on here too?

HelghastKid2780d ago

Finally Dungeon Siege demo! been debating on whether to pick this up or not. Pretty good update

Miths2780d ago

I just played the DS3 PC demo a few hours ago, and unfortunately I agree with the many others on the Steam forums who were sorely disappointed.
I won't rule out it might play better with a controller than mouse and keyboard though, but I guess I'll find out when I try out the PS3 demo.
Everything about the PC version of this game, except for screen resolution and framerate, is screaming "console port" - controls, interface, skill layout, inventory etc. - such a shame for a well established PC genre like the action-RPG, and the DS series specifically.

There was nothing in this demo - even attempting to ignore the awkward PC controls - that made me think the full game can ever be as fun and fluid a "Diablo clone" as eg. Torchlight or the older but still fantastic Titan Quest (my personal favourite of the genre since Diablo 2).

I hope reviews and opinions of the full game can prove my impressions wrong, because I'm always looking forward to a good, loot heavy action-RPG - on my PC or my PS3.
I don't know if there's a release date for Torchlight 2 yet, and knowing Blizzard I'm not really expecting Diablo 3 until 2014 at the earliest :p.

ChineseDemocracy2780d ago

Yeah, I was pretty disappointed. As soon as i entered the character select screen I could tell something was up (muddiest textures of life).

jack_burt0n2780d ago

i haven't bothered with the steam demo, but i finished the ps3 demo it was OK, not great gfx but no screentearing still ugly lol Its no champions of norrath which is still king, and its not even that much better than dungeon hunters which is suprisingly good for a psn title but DS3 prob not worth full price but it was not terrible imo.

jacksons982780d ago

Playstation + Rocks!! And this is someone normally opposed to extra fees and charges.

FredEffinChopin2780d ago

I'm resisting the temptation to subscribe. I really don't have the time to play all the games I buy and Gamefly, I don't need reasons to buy more... Cloud storage though, and background update download... on top of the discounts... It's rough.

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The story is too old to be commented.