E3 2011: The Darkness II: To Sequel or Not To Sequel?


"Now this was one sequel that I was definitely excited about.
The first game was such a dark and visceral experience with excellent storytelling but went mostly unnoticed in the gaming industry.

But I wasn’t expecting it to be developed by another developer or it going the way of cell shading."

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gaminoz2688d ago

I'm not sure that I'm fussed on this one, though I loved the first one. The story of the first one, and the way it was told was really great and it was a bit under-appreciated.

The Meerkat2688d ago

One of the best single player games of this generation.
Every bit of the story was great and the ending was a class act.

Darkness 2 and Darksiders 2 are the top of my most wanted list.

BadCircuit2688d ago

It looks interesting, I never played the first one.

2688d ago
Belgavion2688d ago

The only thing junk about the first was the multiplayer. Definitely an excellent single-player experience and I'm glad there's more coming

Godem2688d ago

its so gunna get banned

BadCircuit2688d ago

What about Brothers In Arms: Inglorius Basterds? Oops I mean Fab 4 or whatever. That will get banned too!


While I liked the first one, I do not like the art style of this one.

gaminoz2687d ago

Yup. We don't have an R18...only a MA15+, so either they manage to shove it in that rating or they ban it.

Though some interesting ones have passed (Gears) while others haven't (Risen, Dark Sector).