Meet Sony's new experimental PS3 "game"

TGDaily: It's not often we can see someone play a game for 30 minutes and still have no idea what's happening

However, that was the case a short while ago as we witnessed the debut of PixelJunk Lifelike

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sinncross2743d ago

Oh nice, PixelJunk Lifelike!

Sony should have shown this at their conference!

sikbeta2743d ago

It came out of nowhere!? why it wasn't on the Conference? -__-


A lot of stuff weren't on the conference, simple not enough time... If it's anything like it usually rolls, most of the new stuff was on closed doors and will be diluted throughout the next TGS, Gamescom, PS Meeting and other events.

That's how it works for all companies, they don't get to show most of what they had been cooking. Not enough time on a conference, most stuff isn't on the showcase stage of development, they have to manage content throughout the year...

unkn0wn2743d ago

"It's not often we can see someone play a game for 30 minutes and still have no idea what's happening"


BiggCMan2743d ago

I felt like this after going through Linger in Shadows.

despair2743d ago

I'm with you on that one lol.

Shadow Flare2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

Ugh linger in shadows. That is possibly the only thing I've bought in my life where I was actually angry that I bought it. I wasn't just disappointed with it, I was actually angry I paid for that trollop. I know it's not a game per-se and I'm all for artistic expression and everything but linger in shadows is one of the biggest heaps of crap I've ever had to sit through. It just reminds me of these prats who pretend to look into some piece of crap art really deeply and they're like, "oh you can really see the artists emotions bubbling through the stunning viscus of the mattanee...", uh no you twonk, youre looking at a red circle on a sheet of A3 paper. Linger in Shadows is just random crap that's meant to mean something. Sorry, no. Go back and try again. If you trying to make art or make some emotional project, make something like Shadow of the Colossus. Don't show me a gigantic dog slobbering over a metal jellyfish

Sorry, rant over. I just flippin hate that linger in garbage

cannon88002743d ago

what is this? Polybius 2? lol jk

cannon88002743d ago

some people don't have a sense of humor.

cannon88002743d ago

keep hating, haters. I don't care one bit.