E3 2011: Nintendo Confuses With Wii U

TitanReviews writes: Is it a console? Is it a controller? A tablet? Even the audience was confused.

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Xander7562783d ago

I thought that the controller was the console until they showed that video of the devs and Peter Moore referred to the console and controller as two separate things. Thanks Peter!

captain-obvious2783d ago

this confusion just ruined the whole conference

sikbeta2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Same here, first I thought it was just the controller of the new console, but it was all about the controller, and with the size of it I thought the controller was actually the console, lol I'm lost...

@prdn way at the bottom


Resistance_lord2783d ago

Who's Me if wii U? huh, Answer me! :[

NukaCola2783d ago

I think the console is the hub & muscle of WiiU, but the brains, heart, & soul is in the controller. The controller should be your pokedex. It goes with you everywhere. It's not a random controller, it's you personal ID tablet that holds all your info. I kind of like this concept. I see big things for it. Going back to core gaming strong.

guitarded772783d ago

@ NukaCola... That makes sense, I wish Nintendo would have explained it better during the press conference.

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gapecanpie2783d ago ShowReplies(2)
erasure2422783d ago

Only a moron would write something like this. They showed the damn console during the press conference. Are you people BLIND? I saw the thing as soon as it was shown sitting there. It was sitting next to the TV during the promo video and they showed it multiples time. JUST LOOK PEOPLE. There are also pictures of the console online.

RememberThe3572783d ago

Yeah it's not hard to figure out. It's a new console and the controller has a screen on it. Thats it.

meganick2783d ago

I know, right? What's the confusion?

sikbeta2783d ago

Come on, the controller is bigger than the wii and way after showing it, they showed a video with the console far behind the controller :P

Eamon2783d ago

I think most people including myself missed the brief moment they showed the actual console (if it was ever shown anyway) or maybe confused it to be a Wii due to the similarity.

Also, in the beginning videos, they were showing Wii games on the controller and using Wii remotes so naturally people got confused.

LolololRumz2783d ago

It looks just like a Wii though from those videos, it's easy to confuse and with them not mentioning a console until much later on it's not hard to think they're announcing just a controller.

spektical2783d ago

no hes speaking rhetorically.

Honestly, Nintendo seems confused on what they wanted to do with the Wii successor. It looks like a portable gaming device that syncs with your console to your T.V.... see the problem here?

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fatstarr2783d ago

don't people think nintendo would go

its a nintendo tablet
its the next nintendo hand held

ovb. he said like 10 times it streams content from the system to the controller.... id like to take the place of some of the dummies sitting in the crowd they obviously don't understand terminologies.

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user8586212783d ago

exactly!!, they kept saying "controller" and "system" as separate entities hell you could see the system in the damn promo videos!! some people are just blind and retarded I guess :/..

zealottt2783d ago

How can anyone be confused?

They showed the damn console several times. They even SAID it was a console.

God there are some retards around these days.

LolololRumz2783d ago


(Ignore the red arrow)

But how could you not get confused with these two?

VampiricDragon2783d ago

only dummies didnt see the console.

Its BC with wii and gamecube everyone

Were could I fit a wii cd in that sucker controller?


You Noob2783d ago

the controller it's big enough to fit 60 discs


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