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Greyfoxdbz2780d ago

The pics look impressive. especially the one with the dude throwing a lightning bolt zeus style.

Seriously can't wait for Dark Souls. I'm Looking forward to seeing you all die via the blood splatters

Anderson82780d ago

i hope invading is a part of this game.. it was always great in demons souls when some1 invaded your world only to find two blue phantoms along side you

blahblah2780d ago

yes, they are and why would invasion against 3 be such problem?

in my experience, fighting against 3 was easy as they were 99% beginners as good players usually didn't summon anyway.

you only had to utilize environment and enemies. also, if you went into any narrow area like stairs in 1-4 or bridge in 5-1 you could count at least 1 will suicide by fall simply because there will be too big crowd of them.

Anderson82779d ago

that may have been the case for you but i don't think i ever lost to a black phantom when in a party of 3, that said, i have defeated 3 players whilst invading so i'm not saying its impossible just more exciting

i think good and bad players summon.. i used to do it for fun despite completing the game multiple times

MEsoJD2780d ago

This games a fucking masterpiece.

bangoskank2780d ago

This is some wicked looking sh!t! It better be as good or better than Demon's Souls gameplay wise.

TriangleOffense2780d ago

If Filthie and Stooge dont hurry up and show some shit from e3 Im gonna snap

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