GameInformer: Hands on with WiiU

We’ve known it was coming for some time now, but today Nintendo finally revealed its new HD console, the Wii U. The announcement is fresh, but I’ve already had some hands-on time with the intriguing new technology behind the system.

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DevilishSix2692d ago

bulky, buttons seem akward, and it's going to be expensive. also, when it needs to be replaced, I doubt we are talking about a $30 - 50 replacement here. What is Ninty's gameplan here? To sell you in a sense, a Kinect everytime you need a new controller or want an extra one.

neogeo2692d ago

No the controller will be cheap less then 60. Its only a sub HD screen that streams. Thats nothing new.

fatstarr2692d ago

the controller will be affordable man
if you can buy a dual shock for 60
why cant you buy this for 70 o.o it comes with a 6.2inch touch screen. from some previews i read it feels nice and not that heavy. its different from what you expect to feel

DevilishSix2692d ago

Keep dreaming. You think your going to get this Wii U controller for $10 or 20 more then an 360 or PS3 controller. Really stop it, now I'm laughing so hard it hurts.

Seriously think of what is in this. A 6.2 inch touch screen with a processor for the graphics, wi-fi, a gyroscope, mic, rumble, etc. and you think it will be inexpensive, lmfao.