Blu-ray Useful For Gaming Say Devs

It looks like gaming developers are praising the new blu-ray, classing it as 'useful' PS3Portal went and found out why.

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TheMART5880d ago

Only partly right. Streaming on 720p is the standard not on 1080p. And it won't be for the next 5 years. The lifecycle of this new gen of consoles.

And uhm... This is said by one of the few main exclusives of the PS3. Who thought they would say something else?

So a few games with multiple discs. Would that be a problem? It would only be a small percentage. Just like a small percentage of last gen consoles used DVD-9. The rest was on DVD-5 Single Layer.

You know what's a real problem? That the largest cost driver of the PS3 is the BetaBluRay. With 350 dollar costprice, it's more expensive then the GPU or CPU. Those two parts should be the most important of a GAME console, it's not a videoplayer. Sony just wants to push it's non needed format period.

And who says that streaming and downloading games won't be here in 3 years? No larger discs that can scratch needed anymore the BR investment for nothing...

lalaland5880d ago

I have... In fact, I can switch between the two on my cable settopbox -- and there is a world of difference eventhough my flatscreen doesn't support true 1080i (it has a resolution higher than 720p but lower than 1080i).

For HD-material on a good flatscreen, there really is no competition.

And regarding 1080p, most high-highend LCD TV's this coming holiday will support true 1080p resolution (here in Europe anyway) and in the coming years it will be the norm for even middleend.

Blu-Ray v HD-DVD
- four reasons I believe HD-DVD is on top right now:

1) 1 layer v 2 layer - Blu-Ray so far only uses one layer because of manufacturing problems, giving it a capacity of 25GB. HD-DVD uses 2 layers for at total of 30GB storage.
2) Choice of codec - eventhough both formats supports the same codecs, Blu-Ray has chosen to ship initial titles in MPEG2 which only performs well at high bitrates. Because of 1) Blu-Ray actually has to use the same or lower bitrates than HD-DVD, giving HD-DVD a clear advantage on quality.
3) Players available - Both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD has only one player available. Both had their problems but Toshiba seemed quickest to rectify them.
4) Movietitles - HD-DVD has more titles on market, giving consumers a greater choice of software.

- four reasons I think Blu-Ray will become the dominant format:

1) 1 layer v 2 layer - Blu-Ray will eventually (hopefully this year) work out the kinks and ship duallayer discs, giving it a greater versatility in choice of codecs, plus possibly more extramaterial, better soundquality and so forth.
2) Choice of codec - because of 1) Blu-Ray will have the possibility to choose which codec performs the best for a given title, while HD-DVD is more or less forced to use higher compression codecs because of the limited space available. Sony believes they can get better quality from highbitrate MPEG2 at the moment, than from any of the supported lowerbitrate codecs.
3) Players available - most hardware manufacturers support Blu-Ray, while only a limited number supports HD-DVD. Number of manufacturers matters because that will help drive prices down and cater for more consumers taste in design. Even if only 10% of PS3's sold will actually be used for Blu-Ray movies, there will still be more Blu-Ray users than HD-DVD users by years end.
4) Movietitles - Blu-Ray has the support of the majority of movie studios by far. Blu-Ray has not "really" launched yet. That will happen this coming holiday and titles will "flood" the stores compared to HD-DVD.

And please don't use the "price argument"... So far both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD are highend equipment and both are too expensive for most people to consider -- for now. But I believe PS3 will help to kickstart the process of getting prices down... And so far software prices for both are about the same.

THE TRUTH5880d ago

First off, who are you to tell any GAME DEVELOPER they are partly right? Please mart, understand that you don't know anything about game development or the standards of the industry!!

Can you provide a creditable link for that information on exactly how much the blu ray drive inside the PS3 cost? I mean official info... If you don't like what the developer says about this generation that's fine but don't act like you someone who has any experience on developing games, point is your not the expert and your opinions don't mean shyt!! Just because you listen to every negative rumor about the PS3 doesn't make it true!!

You act has gotten really old my green friend at least do us the favor of coming with new information!!

If we can't even believe the views of game developers then who should we believe? Analyst, fanboys?

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HyperBear5880d ago

I shouldnt help you out TheMart cause you hate PS3, but ill back you up this time. The Truth, you want proof, here you go.

if you look at the bottom and see the tagline Price, I list all the prices of stuff in the PS3, and OMG, would you look at that, Blu-Ray is 350 bucks, which, srry TheMart, is exactly the same price as the GPU and CPU for the PS3. So having said this, PS3 is the best of all entertainment under one machine.

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