Skyward Sword Gets Golden Wii Remote

Nintendo just announced they are releasing a brand new golden colored Wii Remote with the release of Skyward Sword when it releases this holiday season:

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koh2692d ago

Always a good investment to buy a new remote for a dead console... pass.

Shackdaddy8362692d ago

The wii remote is supposed to work for wiiu so there's always that :)

koh2692d ago

Fair point, but mark me down as "doubtful" to buy that either. I have more than enough wiimotes gathering dust in a bin somewhere as is.

THWIP712692d ago mean, "during their E3 presentation, nearly 12 hours ago", then yes. :o

RockmanII72692d ago

Should have made a Wiimote that looked like the handle of the master sword, that would be awesome.

tweet752692d ago

i hope it comes as a free pack in with skyward sword that would be a great bonus for gamers.

DarkBlood2692d ago

i'll probably not touch the golden wii mote if it came with the game as a bundle like i did for the golden classic controller pro for goldeneye lol