IGN: E3 2011: Battlefield 3's Multiplayer -- Experience in Action

IGN writes:

"Battlefield 3 is developer DICE's eighth game in the franchise. With over a decade of experience in the multiplayer shooter space, Battlefield 3 represents its attempt to make their biggest, most inclusive shooter yet. Accessibility is a huge mandate for the studio (with the team focusing on making a game that appeals to both team players, lone wolves, console owners and the hardcore PC audience), but above all else, fun is king. From listening to the community, to examining the failings of their previous games, to making a title that takes full advantage of their new engine, Battlefield 3's multiplayer is a work in progress. Unpolished as it is, though, it's already a hell of a lot of fun."

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DanSolo2690d ago

Sounds good, but I am not sure what to think about the switch of support class and Assault class....

On one hand I like the idea of using support to lay down suppressive fire.... but I also liked having the medic abilities with them.... I spose it is just something to adapt to.

Can't wait for the game though, been playing BC2 quite a lot lately and it is definitely putting me in the mood for BF3!

soundslike2690d ago

Its DICE, let them do their thing. I'm sure it will all work out to be great.

tdrules2690d ago

it's because of the retarded assault players who run and gun and never gave out ammo except to themselves.

although i'm not sure if i trust those kind of people with healing either

DanSolo2690d ago

Yeah you both have a point.

And it's true... those Assault players who never give out ammo are a pain in the ass....

I suppose now though a good strategy would be to go with the Rifle/Healing class to fight and revive... but just keep an eye out for the trigger happy support class players who hopefully will be laying down lots of covering fire.... then just run past where you know they will have placed their ammo box for their own personal use to restock yourself....

CaptCalvin2690d ago

That's the way it was in BF2. Support class gave out ammo. Medic was it's own class though.

soundslike2690d ago

TOTALLY misleading title. MP Video or GTFO.