SOCOM: Tactical Strike Review

A glowing review for the upcoming PSP title. Great control system with a nice mix of customization. Looks like a must have title.

"this is a brilliant title for the PSP and the developer (Slant Six) should be proud, an invigorating new take on the Socom franchise that is perfectly suited for the handheld platform"

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Panthers4873d ago

Sweet. Cant wait for Confrontation.

Vojkan4873d ago (Edited 4873d ago )

And no one will buy it like Syphon Filter:Logan Shadow, that sold like 40k in 4 weeks. Such a great game and a flop. This one will follow, since most of PSPs are modded but hey important thing is that fake fans will come in here and write "Wow this is awesome, cool i will get it(yeah wright from torrent maybe), etc".
Drop dead anyone who dares to disagree with me

kspraydad4873d ago

I'm a non hacker who thinks developers should get paid for good work and I can afford to do so.

IdontTakeSides4872d ago

Dude you shouldn't go around making such bold PSP..isn't modded..heck I didn't even get my PS2 modded back in the day...and im def gonna pick up this game..and I also bought SP:Logan Shadow....

but im so wanting Confrontation...

Corvax4873d ago

this looks like an rts but on a super smaller scale with 1500 times as much control over your squads.
i have a question.i saw some gameplay of first person sniper can you have control of one of your guys and just switch between that and controling both your teams or be one guy for certain moves/abilities or go to a camra mode to be in first person but not control them?either way makes for fun gameplay but im just curious.also will there be a demo for this? i will probably get the game anyway but it would be fun playing the demo on the way to the store to pick it up.

doomsonyman4873d ago

i love socom when i get my psp this christmas i'll pick this up to