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gamrReview - "Overall, this is the same great Uncharted experience we've all come to know and love, just shrunken down. It also takes advantage of many of Vita's great new features, making Uncharted: Golden AbyssTHE must-own title for the PlayStation Vita."

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KingDustero2694d ago

I'm really looking forward to PS Vita and the Uncharted game on it. It'll most likely be a day one buy for me.

I'm hoping however that this game has MP. Like all Uncharted games the SP will be AMAZING, however it just doesn't have the same replay value that MP has.

I'm hoping for a surprise MP announcement before launch, however I have a bad feeling it is going to just be SP.

I can't wait to see what the full launch line-up it.

I'm sure glad that I never bought a 3DS because compared to this it is just a waste of money. IMO I don't see why anyone would buy a 3DS over the PSV.

DarkTower8052694d ago

Looking forward to it too, but the only this that kinda pisses me off and makes me cautiously optimistic is that Naughty Dog isn't developing it. So will it have the same humor? Pace? Feel?

CaptCalvin2694d ago

I remember reading some previews a couple of days back and a lot of them were surprised at how Bend nailed those things even though it isn't their brainchild.

starchild2694d ago

Uncharted: Golden Abyss is the main reason I am getting a PS Vita. Looks great.