user8586214789d ago

Project Cafe!! blow me away nintendo! :)

JsonHenry4789d ago

The reason I am watching. Hopefully it is something totally awesome and preferably powerful hardware to back it up.

superadvanced4789d ago

the hardware will be nothing compared to the ps4 or even my pc

JsonHenry4789d ago

It would seem the new hardware is just a new controller with a touch screen TV on it.

RSPproductionz4789d ago

what an epic fail worst e3 yet and sony wins again.

RSPproductionz4789d ago

so ninty announce nothing butgames for the wiiU that are already on ps3 and xbox with inferior graphics. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAWN

I_find_it_funny4789d ago

who will jump on Wii U from Xbox or PS3 as a main system? no one

R0me4789d ago

Hm, something for all? Nope.

darthv724789d ago

that controller reminds me of those home automation ones celebs and big name athletes use to control their tv and lights and etc.

It wont be in the hands of my kids I can tell you that. I call dibs.

nix4789d ago

WII U. that's all folks.


This is what the next gen nintendo should have been like in the first place. One part of me thinks its cool, but the other part feels a little meh towards this.

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Orange4789d ago

I have to admit, this Wii U is pretty intriguing.

nnotdead4788d ago

no real info to be intrigued about. i just saw a more powerful PS3/360 with a Vita used as the controller. maybe by TGS or next years E3 there will be actual details to get excited for.

Orange4788d ago

I see that article on IGN. Makes sense to use Vita this way.

FACTUAL evidence4789d ago

Yea just saw wii u. Looks like a gimmic to me still I'm sorry. There was nothing stunning about the graphics either. 360 still trumps over it in graphics.....The controller was the only thing that had me wow. Disappointment.

FOXDIE4789d ago

lol im so dissapointed. what are the specs? no specs?

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news4geeks4789d ago

looking forward to this. I've been highly critical of nintendo since the wii launched. This is their chance to prove themselves as the great nintendo of old.

pcz4789d ago (Edited 4789d ago )

should be good

all nintendo have to do to win is show up :)

theonlylolking4789d ago

It did not work last year so just showing up wont win this year. I think they are going to need to show the specs of the cafe, many games for the cafe, and new ips for them to instantly win for me.

jacksonmichael4789d ago

Well, they won last year, so um... Question mark.

sikbeta4789d ago

Dude, that was E308, last year was pretty solid, lets see what N has to offer this time...

AWBrawler4789d ago

i have another prediction! StarFox and also the return of an old franchise

Star514789d ago

My eye's are on Kid Icarus for the Wii 1 and 3 quarters. Or donkey kong. Expect to see spankin new versions of megaman, kirby,super smash brothers, mario and zelda, all sparsed painstainkingly across the 3DS, Wii, and Wii 1 and 3 quarters. And maybe a metroid for good measure.

AWBrawler4789d ago

think NES days