Movies use MMORPG characters as 'actors'

For the past few months, New York-based programmer A.J. Loiacono and his buddies have been logging onto the popular online sword-and-sorcery game "World of Warcraft" a little more often than usual.

But they're not visiting the mythical realm of Azeroth to goof around and fight the game's virtual dragons like the rest of the game's 9 million subscribers. They've got work to do, you see. They're making a movie.

Using a high-end Mac to record the action, Loiacono's buddies log on from their computers and control their game-character avatars to act out scenes from the team's original script, a sci-fi comedy thing about a guy who travels through time to save his people. The film, still in production, is set for an online-only release next spring

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MK_Red4874d ago

Nice idea. Loved the WoW episode of South Park (But then I love anything South Park related).

ben8064874d ago

same here, id think this would be worth a watch.
dunno if id go as far as to pay to download it but if its free count me in.